What is one of the most nerdy, most awesome things you can do as a fan of the “Originals?” You can visit some of the filming locations of course!  Now, there is one catch.  This might come as a shock, but this TV series mostly films in Georgia, especially in Conyers.  Why? Because Conyers is one of the best places to use if you want to imitate the atmosphere and look of the Big Easy!

Next week, we’ll look at some of the best filming locations to visit in and around Conyers, Georgia.  For now, we’ll focus on where you should pop into in New Orleans!  After all, the city has its own vampire shop and even a vampire tour!

(1) Say “Hello” to Marcel at the Hotel Royal 

Photo property of Hello Coton

Do you remember that big vampire party where in the pilot where Klaus and Marcel get in each other’s faces?  Apparently, this scene was filmed at the hotel on St. Patrick’s Day!  All of that noise?  I don’t know that the real hotel residents appreciated it!  This is a great place for selfies in the bar or to actually stay the night.

(2) Shiver at the Witchy Feeling of Lafayette Cemetery 

Photo property of Buddy TV

You familiar with that cemetery we’ve all seen a billion times?  You know the one.  It is either always full of witches casting spells or the set for secret meetings.  Not only are there tours through this cemetery all the time, but it is actually one of the most filmed cemeteries in all of New Orleans!  This spot is great for fans of “Originals,” but also if you just want really pretty photos in general.

(3) Cry a Little More Over the Loss of Davina Claire By Visiting Her Lair

House of the Rising Son
Photo property of Hollywood Life

Perhaps you’d prefer to visit a spot that doesn’t require a whole hell of a lot of walking!  If so, pop over to the St. Louis Cathedral.  While this wasn’t actually the set for where Marcel hid away Davina, the exterior was used for stock shots of it. Better yet,  this cathedral is the oldest one in the United States!

Tune back in next week for a look at Georgia filming locations!