Daredevil 313 3

Matt making peace with his mother! Photo is a direct screenshot from Daredevil Season 3, Episode 13 “A New Napkin.”

**Please note that this review contains spoilers for “A New Napkin” and any episodes that occur prior**

“I’m coming for you Dex…and my suit.”

Nadeem you sly dog. Unseen to us last episode, before his demise, Nadeem recorded one last video. A very important one at that. A testimony against Fisk and everything that has been happening—a testimony that holds up even after his death. The final nail in Fisk’s coffin, sending him back to prison. It looks like they were able to get him using the system after all! Though, that clearly wasn’t the original plan.

Needless to say, Kingpin’s charity event did not go as expected. Behind Kingpin’s back, Daredevil started to feed the truth to Dex. How he has been manipulated from the start, and that Kingpin could care less about him. It was great getting to see Matt get under Dex’s skin—especially since Dex got to come to the realization that Matt wasn’t lying. I think we now have the definitive moment that Dex became the Bullseye we all know and love from the comic. That moment would be finding Julie’s body, and boy did that cause Dex to snap. I mean how insanely creepy and chilling was it to see him roll up to the charity in full costume, while conversing with Julie’s frozen corpse in the passenger seat?

Daredevil 313 1

Daredevil takes the stage! Photo is a direct screenshot from Daredevil Season 3, Episode 13 “A New Napkin.”

Furthermore, how surreal was it to see Bullseye simply take the mic on stage in front of every completely decked out in Daredevil attire. It was really a great dark comedic moment—because we all knew what was coming next. Lots of chaos and bloodshed, as Bullseye unleashed hell upon the audience. Now I could gush even more over the action, but it all boils down to this: we got another hell of a showdown as Daredevil, Bullseye, and Kingpin all ran into other.

The best part of the fight was how everyone had precise motives. Bullseye was gunning for Fisk and anything that came in his way, Fisk was protecting Vanessa, while Daredevil was also gunning for Fisk—but also retaliating against Bullseye when their paths collided. It was a really neat sequence, and it felt like a great way to culminate the season into a satisfying final brawl. It certainly didn’t end too well for Dex, as Fisk snapped his spine. When Matt finally got the upper hand on Fisk, and had his bloody broken face at his mercy, Matt couldn’t give the final blow. Instead he found another way—one final deal. I thought this was a fantastic last ditch, in the moment attempt to triumph over Fisk. Needless to say, Fisk will do anything to protect Vanessa—so Matt promised to keep her from getting arrested if Fisk were to give himself over.

Daredevil 313 2

Matt about to deliver the killing blow to the Kingpin of crime! Photo is a direct screenshot from Daredevil Season 3, Episode 13 “A New Napkin.”

In the end, Matt was able to metaphorically keep his hands clean—sending Fisk straight back to prison. Bullseye’s villainous future was teased, Foggy’s family is off the hook, Matt and friends are back together, and Matt even had an extremely touching scene with Maggie. As far as finale’s go, this was extremely well done. I can confidently say that this season in general has by far been the best overall season to date. Fingers crossed that we live to see another season made.

Bonus Note:
– I’m glad Nadeem’s wife seems to see the entire picture now.
– While corny, I can’t help but love the last shot.
– No Turk cameo this season 🙁


The third season of Daredevil is now streaming exclusively on Netflix.