Walkers are milling around, aimlessly, or so it seems as we see so many closeups of walkers, until one acts a bit strangely as it looks up to the side, and you know that is not a normal walker movement. The trio of Jesus, Daryl and Aaron are watching the walkers as they just wander aimlessly in the field, they all agree this is not normal but Daryl says it’s time to keep moving. They put some distance between the walkers and in a path Daryl stops them as he hears the walkers on the wind, and for some reason the walkers have changed direction and are on their tail. Daryl gets a wind up clock and throws it in the field for a diversion as they keep moving on.


Everybody loves Negan, well except Gabriel. #Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Father Gabriel and Negan are chatting, Gabriel is getting a bit aggravated because he can’t seem to make any progress with Negan. Negan being who he is, enjoys prodding at Gabriel about all sorts of things. Another exchange between the two later isn’t as friendly. Negan keeps busting Gabriel, but he isn’t in a playful mood, Negan talks about how his shit that was in his ass has to go right up Gabriel’s nose. Negan senses something is wrong and wants to know what is going on and Gabriel says that he sent Rosita out and she got hurt and is at Hilltop, and he can’t go see her because someone has to stay back and be responsible watching him. Finally Gabriel hits his limit and leaves the cell and slams the door shut but forgets to lock it, the guard remembers to unlock Negan from the cell but doesn’t check the lock either.

Alexandria was very welcoming of new comers, for the most part besides the breach of protocol as Michonne put it, the Hilltop is not that way at all. When the Hilltop sees some riders coming, someone on horseback rushes back to the Hilltop yelling that riders are coming, everyone stops what they are doing and goes back inside the safety of the walls. When Michonne and company arrive the outside is abandoned, everyone can see how well they are doing with the crops and hay and perfect landscape. When everyone reaches the gate it’s locked and unwelcoming, an armed guard with bow and arrow talks down to them asking what they want. You can see some unspoken tension between Michonne and the guard, Michonne states her business, coming for Rosita and perhaps a place these people can stay didn’t get much response. All of the newcomers had to throw out their weapons before being let inside.

Tara greets Michonne, sort of, she is very short and you can tell their is tension between the two as well. Tara says that she will need to talk to Jesus when he returns and if they want to stay they will have to earn their keep. Michonne and Carol chat, Michonne tells Carol it was hard to say no to her of all people, but she knows what Alexandria went through and she won’t send a delegation to the Kingdom for the fair. Henry is getting settled in at Hilltop, Carol is very proud of Henry and is about to head back with an escort. Henry is trying to fit in, Sutton asks what his plans are for dinner and he says he wants to try to see what Enid is up too, but he turns and sees Enid is making out with someone else. He agrees to come over to the Sutton’s for dinner.

Henry is eating by himself and is pretty down after seeing Enid has a boyfriend. Some teenagers see him and says he is being a real downer, they invite him to come up and talk to them. The introduce, or reintroduce as Henry was there during the great war, they talk about life and how they have been there over half their lives, and ask how cool is it to go other places. One wants to know if Oceanside is really just all women. They convince Henry to come hang with them in the woods, in the woods they are being stupid kids, hanging out and drinking moonshine. Henry jokes if they do this for fun he doesn’t want to see what they do when they are bored, which they are happy to show him. You guessed it, they have a pet walker, the girl leaves, she doesn’t like this, the two boys try to torment the walker with one even peeing on it! Henry doesn’t like it and kills the walker the other boy runs off pissed.

Henry is in the drunk tank, he was outside of the walls screaming to come back inside, he threw up on a pig and Tara’s boots. Tara brings Mr. Sutton in to talk with him, Mr. Sutton wants to know why he was out, how he got out, where he got the moonshine, but he wasn’t being very forthcoming. Mr. Sutton told Henry he can take his scrawny ass back to The Kingdom if this is how he handles his commitments. Henry tells Sutton that he didn’t realize at first how much of a big deal this was, and he saw his mom cry today who is very tough and he just didn’t want to think about things for a little while. Mr. Sutton understood because he has been in Henry’s position, both in a literal and figurative sense. He said that the minimum time is two days and when Jesus returns he will talk to him, he tells Henry to get some sleep because he has a lot of work to catch up on when he gets out.

Rosita wakes up from her coma in a panic. Michonne and Siddiq are there with her, she wants to know where she is, and how long she has been out. She is upset that a search party is out there, she knows where she left Eugene and can take everyone to him, when Michonne and Siddiq tell Rosita it’s fine Daryl should be back anytime she says it’s not alright they have no idea what they are dealing with. Daryl’s dog is pretty awesome and is able to track down Eugene and finds him in a barn, and the dog just stands over the entrance to a little hidden compartment in the floor. Daryl calls out to Eugene and he says he is inside.

Eugene is freaked out and says that this herd is not a normal herd, that this herd has been by twice already looking for him. Eugene says he could hear this herd whispering and Rosita could confirm what he is saying. The others don’t seem to believe him as the herd is coming back again so they all take off but not before Eugene tells them he thinks he dislocated his knee cap. The group get to a stopping point at a three way stop, they all agree that the herd shouldn’t have been following them like this still. Eugene says he thinks the walkers might be evolving and maybe they can talk and use strategy now, Jesus is the only one who thinks this might be possible since you know people have died and came back as walkers so nothing can be ruled out.

Eugene tells them to leave without him because he is slowing and tiring them out, and every time they have to stop the walkers get close. In the end Daryl and dog say they will stay behind and Daryl says he will probably beat them all back. The early diversion works with firecrackers and the dog barking, but in a short time the walkers turn back around towards the other three. Daryl can’t believe and understand why that is happening, he has the dog quit barking as he tries to hear something. The other three end up trapped in a spooky foggy graveyard, they try to get the gate unstuck, it is not working and the walkers are closing in so Aaron and Jesus have to get ready to square up against the walkers. The first wave of walkers is going great as they take them out quickly, but you hear all sorts of walkers and you can hear them talking which is spooky.

Michonne comes up to the other side of the gate and calls out to Eugene, he is happy to see her and lets her know that it’s stuck. She tries to get in and Magna and Yumiko show up shortly after to help earn their keep. Collectively they all get the gate unstuck and Eugene safely to the other side. Jesus tells Aaron to go and get him out and he will handle the walkers. He looks awesome on the first group until one ducks him, stabs him in the side and says, “you are where you don’t belong.” SPOOKY SCARY AWESOME! Well not Jesus dying but the introduction of the walkers was great.

Daryl comes back and kills one, the others go back in to fight as a group of 6 or 7 rush to them. They are all able to dispatch of the ‘walkers’. When they have a few moments to breathe Daryl inspects one and sees that the walker has this face sewn onto it from the back. He takes out the thread and uncovers a walker mask and an actual person. Total shocking moment for the group when the whispering gets louder again.

“Their trapped, circle around, keep them together,” are some of the statements we hear as they are surrounded and scared! What a close to this first half.