The major take away from the panel is of course the Season 7 trailer that was released that everyone has been busy disecting (the inclusion of Red Death on the council of thirteen was an exciting surprise). You can check out the trailer here!

Season 7 will premiere at midnight on August 5th, and remain true to the show’s format of doing a big premiere event instead of the typical big finale. The premiere (which was shown in private viewing for lucky fans) will wrap up a few loose ends from Season 6 and focus on the Blue Morpho storyline. You’ll also notice Orpheus is back in full force in the trailer as well!

Venture Bros via Adult Swim’s Official Youtube

One of our favourite nerdy bloggers, Kate Kulzick (@theteleverse and contributor for @TheAVClub), was awesome enough to live tweet the Venture Bros. panel and share a first hand account of the happenings on her twitter. You can read the full chain here!
Some of our favourite takeaways from her reporting are the fan Q&A bits

Vebture Bros SDCC 2018 Livetweet by

Kate Kulzick (@theteleverse and contributor for @TheAVClub)

You may have noticed t

he ending of the Venture Bros. “Prom” episode is similar to Rick and Morty’s “Rick Potion #9”.
And in the best announcement: Mark Hamill will be voicing a character this season, along with some other recognizable names

— Gary Cole and Rhys Darby, to name a few.