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Reacting to “Sherlock” – John Watson Edition

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Let’s take a moment to appreciate how John basically describes the fandom whenever we watch an episode (or season!) of Sherlock

First of all, there’s our faces when we’re trying to keep up with Sherlock’s deductions:

Watson Disappointed GIF
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Then there’s usually a moment (or two, or three, or four…) when we consider just how crazy we are, as fans of this show…

Watson Confused GIF
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Every episode gives us moments when we want to just say:

God No Watson GIF
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And there are also times where we’re just kind of fed up with Sherlock. (But we love him anyway.)

Drama Queen Watson GIF
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Finally, when we reach the end of an episode/season, and realize we have the fandom-equivalent of an eternity to wait for our next fix…

Raining Watson GIF
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“And in that moment, I swear we were all John Watson.”



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