Hello, and welcome back to The Good Doctor! I love this series so much, and hope you are enjoying it as well. Let us go ahead and dive right into the episode!

gd 2.6.5

Source: American Broadcasting Company for The Good Doctor.

In the first scene we see Shaun is super OCD and Lea is trying to adapt to his organization system- tooth brushes in the right spot, the correct toilet paper, cups in sink. You can feel the tension building. Give it 20 minutes before first fight. It took 22 minutes, fyi. They end up shouting at each other. Lea is shaken and Shaun goes quiet. Sometimes you think your friend as room mates is a good idea. It rarely ever is. She runs to Glassman and realizes she wanted to live with him in hopes to change him. Shaun never moved expecting Lea to change. Shaun comes back from work, and they talk. Shaun will try and compromise from now on.

gd 2.6.2

Source: American Broadcasting Company for The Good Doctor.

There is a violinist named Jas with an injured finger from a manicure. But she still feels pain. Shaun is worried it is a flesh eating bacteria, but the test is very painful, and could have lingering affects. Morgan is reluctant, understanding the strings better as she was into archery. Morgan has a bit of a heart, wanting Shaun to be wrong, but the bacterial infection is indeed a flesh eating one, and the violinist is about to lose a finger. Because of the delay in the test, Shaun and Morgan have to watch her, in case the bacteria had spread. While on their vigil, Jas suddenly crashes, blood pressure 72 over 50. Heart beat at 137. Signs of septic. They have to remove the whole arm. Morgan sits with her when she wakes up. The patient blames Morgan for taking so long to run the test. Because they put the patient in an oxygen rich environment to kill off any excess bacteria, Morgan has to sit with her as she has a mental break down. Melendez finds her later, and Morgan admits that Shaun only saw symptoms, not her dreams. Melendez talks about a resident from 2nd year, who he disliked because he was always competing against her and she was winning. He soon realized she wasn’t competing against him, and was just pushing herself. Everything didn’t have to be a competition. Morgan asked where the resident was now, and he casually mentioned how Dr. Lim was still the best surgeon he knew.

gd 2.6.4

Source: American Broadcasting Company for The Good Doctor.

Claire is still upset with Melendez but Park tells her just to apologize, even if she isn’t wrong. Patient is a 13 year old named Riley with a severe nose bleed. Her parents are divorced. The parents think it is all to get attention, but then she started coughing up blood. Hard to fake that one. Claire and the patient bond, talking about middle school and parents with issues. Park thinks she is lying for attention. Park and Claire have a conversation about emotional feeling and medical. Turns out Park has a kid and thinks Claire is an over sharer. Every test comes back clean, so they release Riley, only for her to show up a few hours later with a fever of 104.2. Claire thinks there is a tumor that isn’t showing up on the CT scan. Park thinks it is just a minor infection. They decide to investigate. Turns out she inhaled a lego as a child, leading to chronic health issues as the body kept attacking the plastic without being able to break it down, and the scans never pick up plastic.

Debbie and Aaron are going on a second date. I write notes about the shows as I watch them on my phone, easier to type and smaller screen. But, I did just throw my phone in the air out of excitement for their second date. It looks to go well, talking about movies they like and share a kiss. But Glassman ends up falling. Turns out Debbie is an ex nurse. Glassman tries pushing Debbie away, asking her to go. She does, which sucks, but I hope she returns the next day, or later, and doesn’t give up on Aaron. I think they are a match made in heaven, and both deserve happiness.

That’s all this week, and with winter break coming up, I hope it does not end with a cliffhanger. I hate those. Until next week, Stay Shiny!!!