The world of technology we live in has many advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage is all the knowledge that’s just a couple of clicks away. For example, if you want to find everything about online roulette or how to play mah-jong, all you need to do is spend a couple of minutes reading the ground rules.

But there’s the bad side of technology, filled with unethical CEOs led by motives that cannot be described as ethical. When technology enters every pore of human society, morality and humanity become easily distorted.

Alex Garland, the creator of mind-bending sci-fi thrillers such as Ex Machina and Annihilation, returns with a great show that pays tribute to the technology but also focuses on its dark side.

After the initial two episodes, the show is rated 8/10 on IMDb and received 84% on Rotten Tomatoes. From the looks of it, it’s going to be an interesting take on technology and the philosophy of free will — something that we were also able to see in other Garland’s works.

If you saw Ex Machina, then it’s safe to claim that the esthetics will be more than familiar to you, as the show features the clear-cut architecture of minimalism that is perfectly conceived in Garland’s mind and portrayed in his works. The show itself is nowhere near Silicon Valley, even though coders and developers are its protagonists. Namely, it’s a far cry from being a comedy. It’s a sci-fi thriller, from the looks of it.

Watching the show, one can get the vibe of several popular TV shows, including Lost, Westworld, Mr. Robot, and, most importantly, Black Mirror. In fact, the Black-Mirroresque dark atmosphere of cold, futuristic offices is something that really strikes the cord, making the show rather sublime for those who explore the impact of technology on our daily lives.

The Cast — There’s a Surprise Waiting Around the Corner

The protagonist of the show, Lily Chan is portrayed by Sonoya Mizuno, who we already had a chance to watch in Annihilation and Ex Machina. However, the biggest surprise of the show is Nick Offerman, the popular Ron Swanson, who seems to be the main antagonist.

Offermann is Forest, the CEO of a company called Amaya which has some rather “unique” business operations. Seeing Offerman in such an unusual environment clearly shows that he has outgrown his Swanson suit and is ready to give his fans a completely new face. Judging by what we’ve seen so far, he could actually be playing another role in his life. But let’s not jump the boat, as there’s a couple of episodes left.

Devs Miniseries is Streamed on HULU

Devs is marketed as miniseries, and it will have only eight episodes. The first two aired on March 5, and the rest ill air every Thursday, with the last one airing on April 16. The series will be available for streaming on HULU.

What Is the Show About?

The plot of the miniseries follows the story of Lily Chan, whose boyfriend goes missing after applying for a job at a secretive division of a big IT company where she also works. Step by step, Lily Chan will explore the dark secrets, which will lead her to a series of revelations. Naturally, Garland used the plot to make comments and statements about human nature, technology, and how these two entwined could lead to some rather interesting and somewhat scary outcomes.

So far, everything looks promising regarding Devs, and we could only hope that it will keep up with the quality throughout the season. As for the next season — some of the most popular series in the world started as miniseries, so it’s quite possible that it could happen with this one if it turns out to be very popular.