Toby Jones has been announced as the show’s next antagonist, the role of which we can assume will be revealed closer to the time of Season 4′s release in 2017. It’s a daunting role to step into, considering he’s following the characters of Jim Moriarty and Charles Magnussen, but we can likely expect that showrunner Steven Moffat, as usual, has big plans for this character.

Jones has portrayed several well-known roles in films and shows within geek and nerd culture, including Claudius Templesmith in The Hunger Games films, Arnim Zola in Captain America and its sequel, and the Dream Lord in the Series 5 Doctor Who episode “Amy’s Choice.” He also provided the voice of everyone’s favorite house-elf, Dobby, in the Harry Potter series.

What are your thoughts on this casting choice, and what do you think his villainous character storyline will be?