CBS has all but declared war between the Waige and Quintis ships! Both are #powercouplegoals, but who really won by the end of “Wave Goodbye”?

Basically, the Waige and Quintis couples were in competition for the best seats in the garage during this episode. One tsunami disaster averted in Mexico and an awkward casket-kiss later, it looked like Waige lost their desks.

I have to say I was glad to see Amy come back so soon. I was genuinely worried that she would be another addition to the list of things that are hastily introduced and thoroughly glossed over in this show, but her appearance in “Wave Goodbye” actually makes me think we might see more of her in the future. It was wonderful to see her character evolve into something beyond The Toby Whisperer, but I’m really hoping that next time we’ll get to see her talents shine. Her intellect has been praised repeatedly, but it would be nice to see that in action.

The not-so-pleasant part of her appearance obviously lies in the fact that, not only did she cause Toby to lie to Happy and the rest of the team, she kissed Toby when they were trapped in a casket together. I get that it was the heat of the moment, but it seemed unnecessary. A situation of one friend helping another (albeit because he feels guilty about ruining her life and gambling away her money) quickly escalated into an adulterous moment. Thankfully, Toby did not kiss back and he defended himself vehemently by going on a rant about how much he loves Happy.

And to her credit, Happy was not upset that Toby was with Amy, or even that Amy had kissed him. Happy was only concerned with losing Toby because he had put himself into an unhealthy environment with someone who had hurt and abandoned him in the past – totes understandable! They’re trying to start a family, so it’s only natural she should be worried about Toby slipping back into his unhealthy gambling addiction. But the look in her eyes when Toby reassured her that she didn’t need to worry really said it all: Quintis is a ride or die relationship, and neither one of them is going to put themselves in a situation that would truly sabotage that.

That said, can we please be done with this cheating plotline? Please. Just let them be happy.


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At least Walter and Paige had more mellow drama during this episode. It was really stupid to be fighting about where their first kiss happened, but it was a nice break from the issue about Walter’s dream that has been haunting them both lately. But we’ll see how well they do when they have to relocate their possessions in the garage to accommodate Happy and Toby after immediately losing that game!

All-in-all, a Mexican city was saved, both Quintis and Waige appear to be going strong, and I think Amy may potentially show up again for a discussion with Happy. Will they become friends? I can’t say, but I do know that women who have dated the same man often end up becoming close acquaintances at the very least.

And thank goodness “Wave Goodbye” ended on a good note because next week’s episode will be full of lovey-dovey awesomeness! Could my predictions about Flo and Sly be coming true?! And it looks like Walter went a little overboard on the Valentine’s Day-gram…but wouldn’t Paige be more impressed with a simple song he wrote? Maybe this is the day she finds that song he (almost) threw out!

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