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Stan Against Evil always tackles the difficult subjects. In the episode Larva My Life loneliness and the need to feel important is the biggest theme. Everyone wants to feel needed, even old guys in gorilla costumes. Be sure to watch out for those spoilers in the following recap.

Imagine this, a town in chaos, people screaming and thrashing around attempting to flee from a giant gorilla! Now imagine that same gorilla merely growling with a human-like voice, seemingly whimpering with displeasure. This is the scene Evie and Leon walked into Lenny, the gorilla man, believes that Willard’s Mill needs more excitement and he will be the one to create it! After Evie and Leon lured poor Lenny away, Leon explained that Lenny used to be a performer. He enjoyed dressing up as a gorilla and hosting children’s birthday parties until one day a child turned him down, wanting a princess instead. This through Lenny for a loop and eventually every child wanted princesses instead of gorillas.

After Leon explained Lenny’s backstory the pair walk by a shop, Tucker Bones Curiosity Pagoda, as the name implies, curiosity got the better of Evie and they decided to head in. Evie instantly gravitated towards a terribly crafted mushroom with a creepy moth upon it. As she was staring at it, the shopkeeper appeared, long white beard and silky robe to boot. This elderly gentleman explains that this ceramic figure isn’t meant for her daughter but for her angry friend.

As the two exit the bodega, a sudden shrieking maintains the airwaves and Evie is confronted by her ex-husband Kenny. Knowing that Kenny, David Koechner, doesn’t have a gift for their daughter’s birthday she tells him to run into the shop and pick up the moth-room. He does as he is told, and head to Stan’s house, looking for a place to spend the night. After a few beers, Kenny attempts to give Stan the moth-room saying it’s a gift that he handcrafted himself. Stan being Stan rejects the obviously rotten gift telling Kenny to keep it. Kenny, feeling loved by Stan and perhaps a little drunk, heads over to Denise’s bedroom to take a nap.

Sometime later, Denise came into the living room in a fright. She asked Stan why there was a man in her bed, covered in cobwebs. They raced to her room only to see Kenny and her bedroom covered in the web like substance. Evie was notified and after she arrives at the house, there was a knock at the door. As the door creaked open, a pair of twins appeared. They donned yellow dresses and white hats as if they were just plucked right out of the 50’s. They began asking for Stan, surprised by the fact that he wasn’t the one covered in webs. It is revealed that the webs are caterpillar silk and that Kenny is transforming from a caterpillar into something dastardly, all thanks to the moth-room, now known as the relic.

Evie and Stan blast to the shop to find a way to save Kenny however, the original shopkeeper isn’t there. A man that looks much younger now is at the register quite offended by Evie’s description of the original man. It is quickly learned that this shop won’t be the key to saving Kenny so the two head back to Clair’s library. The twins are still there and explain that Kenny has left the building. The only way to save him? Destroy the relic. Where is it? In his stomach. Hearing that Kenny has gone into the heart of the town Stan and Evie rush to him.

The Chamber of Commerce, in the heart of town, began creating a cardboard rendition of the town. This is of course, where Kenny decided to start terrorizing people. Paralyzed with fear, our heroes are unsure of what to do. When suddenly, Leon quickly makes an appearance offering two squirt guns filled with spoiled milk. As Evie lined up her shot, Lenny, the gorilla man, starts beating up Kenny. It’s an epic battle of the “ennys” as the two begin to beat each other with cardboard cutouts. Holding his own, Lenny pushed Kenny over ejected the relic and effectively smashing it to bits. Lenny saved the town and was even invited to work Evie’s daughter’s birthday party.


At first, I thought that Lenny was a creep I mean, why would an old guy want to dress up for kids’ parties? However, I realized that I was only creepy because I made it that way. He was a lovable man that just lost his footing. The other park of this episode that really got me was, Denise sung! She and a merry little band were playing outside of the Chamber of Commerce before Kenny started breaking their display. She had the voice of an angel, which was surprising considering her voice is slightly irritating. Overall, this episode taught me not to judge others or take them for granted. In the end, I was really happy that Lenny was able to go to another birthday party.

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Source: AMC