Let it not be said that we here at TGON don’t take our television seriously. We have TV shop talk all day, every day. It’s a rite of passage for all of the staff and leads to some interesting discussions and topics. One such conversation that occurred was the best and worst series we’ve ever had the pleasure (or displeasure) to view. The answers may surprise you-the staff are strong-willed individuals with different likes. In no particular order, here are the TGON choices for the ultimate-or unfortunate-series finales:

Best Finales

  1. Doctor Who Series 4-submitted by Rosie F. who admits “In some ways, it was perfect and beautiful.”
  2. Parenthood-the swan song for the Braverman clan was applauded by Sara B.
  3. Parks and Recreation-one of MY personal favorites. The way the folks from Pawnee leaped into the future was a thing of sheer genius and not at all trite.
  4. Buffy the Vampire Slayer-another personal favorite. The Chosen One took apart The First on HER terms…all the while insensible, yet stylish shoes.
  5. Charmed-the witchy sisters had a strong run by television standards. Jenn L. states, “They really brought everything back together and wrapped it up beautifully.”

Worst Finales

  1. How I Met Your Mother-not 1, not 2 but THREE staff members lamented this. Hasti N., Jackie L., and Sara B. all thought poorly of the universally beloved sitcom’s ending. Hasti N. noted, “I’m still mad at How I Met Your Mother!”
  2. Gilmore Girls – The change in showrunner truly left this outstanding dramedy flat the last 2 seasons. The finale left something more to be desired. Michael E. said, “…(it) left us so empty and with so many questions…”
  3. Lost – The enigmatic series popped up on several of the staff’s worst lists. Having “lost” its bearings from the breakout first and second seasons, Sara B. opined, “…there were just too many unresolved mysteries for me.”
  4. Veronica Mars-the plucky show about a young woman detective seemed to lose its mojo in the finale. Sara B. said, “Thank God we got a movie!”
  5. Dexter-a show about an avenging serial killer should go out with a bang, right? Ali S. noted, “It was (just) terrible.”

It’s a unique thing to see how television viewing has changed even within the last 5 years. Check back with TGON in the next 5 and I can guarantee this list will be massively different. As time goes by, the beginning of the end seems to shift with public perception.

Let’s keep tabs for posterity.