Run Barry, Run!

And run he did.
Right into the speed force.

*Possible Spoilers Ahead?*

But what did he see?

Killer Frost

As most fans know, and as the comics declare, Caitlin eventually becomes a metahuman bent on wreaking havoc with her crazy ice-manipulating powers. This teaser of her in the speed force tells us we’ll be seeing her soon, but how soon? If the Caitlin Snow we all know and love decided one day that villainy is the way to go, it would raise some eyebrows. I think Caitlin needs at least one more season to develop into Killer Frost. Unless Killer Frost is Caitlin from an alternate timeline, of course. 😉



Barry in Jail

At first glance, I thought this Barry talking to Henry, as we’ve seen happen so frequently this season. But, looking closer, Barry’s wearing the Iron Heights get-up…I could see this happening if Barry lost his powers (because Wells didn’t interfere with his life), and the CCPD found out about the Flash’s attempted metahuman-smuggling event. Another possibility could be that Barry is in jail because Wells framed him. Maybe it’s a stretch, but that arm on the other side of the glass could be Harrison’s…

The Flash Museum

Again, a comic book reference. The Flash Museum holds iconic Flash paraphernalia; weapons used in battle, commemorative statues, and the Rogue’s Gallery of his past combatants. However, the museum is not entirely Barry-centric, as it pays homage to all speedsters to carry the name “The Flash”. I’m pretty sure that the show will stick to Barry Allen’s story, which is why we might never actually encounter The Flash Museum, but it’s an awesome Easter Egg.

Legends of Tomorrow

Voilà! The first bridge built between The Flash and the highly-anticipated Legends Of Tomorrow! I recognized this fight scene from the LOT trailer.