Outlander Season 5 2020

Image Source: Variety


Jamie and his militia arrive at Hillsborough to learn that Governor Tryon has proposed a rather unorthodox solution to deal with the threat posed by the Regulators and to resolve the growing political crisis.


This episode seemed to fly by for me, but I’m not sure if it was in a good way. I liked the little nods to past seasons, and Claire’s flashbacks were a nice touch, but I wasn’t feeling the choppiness throughout. I think there were too many plotlines going on, and nothing was fully fledged out, except Jamie’s storyline.

It was cool, that we went back to the ’60s, but I don’t know if the storyline was really necessary. All Claire realized, was that Graham Menzies’s death, had an impact on her finding Jamie, which while important, didn’t really do much for me. Yes, he was Scottish, but all I really got from it, was how difficult it is to be a doctor. It’s hard not to build a connection with a patient, and it’s even harder to cope, once that patient has passed away unexpectantly. I did like seeing her with Joe again, but I wish her flashbacks would have had more meaning. Maybe keep the relationship between her and Graham, and then we see her in London, at the funeral, meeting Roger. I don’t know. It just needed more substance. I think the only thing that gave Claire a revelation, was Graham’s comment about getting another scar, which Jamie had spoken of before. Besides that, I was happy that she found her penicillin. It was a cute moment between her and Marsali, but what I’ve been wondering is, Bree had warned Claire before about setting new medical advances in motion so early, and now that Marsali is part of it, how is that going to affect the future? Also, why is no one else freaking out about Claire’s needle, like Jamie did? Needle’s haven’t even been invented yet. We’re just supposed to believe that everyone is chill with Claire’s knowledge of things and they’re not going to question it? Oh well.

Roger and Bree are having a rough time, yet again, and I feel like Roger is so confused with life. He finds Bonnet’s jewel that he gave Bree, and of course, he gets defensive about it. He gets mad that she went to see Bonnet at the jail, and she told him that Gemmy was his kid, and I can see why Roger would be mad. She did kind of hide some things from him, but in the end, he is the one she wants to be with. And her logic about keeping the jewel for them to go back to the stones is legit. So when he runs into Claire in the woods, which got confusing, in the first place, because we hadn’t seen much of Claire during the current time, she knocks some sense into him, and he runs back to Bree, all apologetic. I feel like he acts like a child, and won’t listen to people. It’s like, Bree is your wife, listen to her for a change, instead of running off. It made me irritated when he said that she was right about keeping the jewel for the stones because he basically just contradicted himself. I was glad that Bree finally told him that Bonnet was still alive, but I’m still waiting to see what happens with them. Is Bonnet going to try to steal Gemmy for himself, and try to kill them? This plotline has gone on for far too long, and something needs to happen soon.

We didn’t get a lot of Jamie in this episode, but I liked his storyline the best. Things get interesting when Knox tells him that the Regulators are getting a pardon, except for Murtagh. And Jamie tries to play along but realizes that he won’t be needed anymore. That’s when things start getting sketchy because he won’t be able to be a double agent. It kind of sucks that we had a few episodes now of Jamie and his militia traveling around looking for soldiers, to now find out that they’re not needed. But I guess they will be useful later when the war starts. Later, when Jamie talks to Knox, while they’re playing chess, Knox gets a letter of all the prisoners who were in Culloden. That’s when things got good. Jamie says that he was one of those prisoners, and Knox is in total shock. It’s like, how can you be so shocked when Jamie is a Scot. He had to fight for his country. But when he realizes that Murtagh is a Fraser, that’s what made the episode. Jamie’s like, “surprise!.” and I was surprised, that he ended up killing him. This is a new side to Jamie because he’s usually not killing people willy nilly. His cover-up was awesome because there’s no way that people would suspect him of killing Knox, but we’ll see. I’m glad that he’s staying on Murtagh’s side, and I’m glad that he got to go home. And we also got to see Adso! I loved that moment when Jamie gave Claire the cat, and it was great to see them together again.