Photo courtesy of Channel 5.

Finn was last seen on our screens back in the summer, when he returned to Erinsborough to get his revenge on all the people who scuppered his evil plans the first time he was in the neighbourhood. On his return, after having manipulated Bea into falling in love with him, he pretended his name was Patrick and that he was in a wheelchair, tried to sabotage Karl’s career, spied on the Kennedys, ran over Xanthe and locked Bea, Susan and Elly in a shipping container. Nobody can accuse this guy of not getting stuff done. After his vengeful rampage he disappeared into the wind, leaving the residents scared and unsettled.

Bea has been struggling with closure after being so badly manipulated by Finn, so when she finds out he might be holed up in a cabin in the woods, she sets out to track him down. He couldn’t be staying in a luxury hotel somewhere nice, could he? It had to be in a creepy cabin in the woods, you know, somewhere with sketchy mobile phone reception.

Finn finds Bea in the cabin, and she pretends she is there to forgive him, in order to prevent him from having one of his swivel-eyed evil meltdowns, but he decides it’s time to have one of those anyway. It turns out he wasn’t fooled by Bea’s acting because he’d stolen the notes from her therapy sessions and so knew all the unpleasant things she’d been saying about him.

neighbours finn

Finn’s gone full evil. Photo: Channel 5/Digital Spy.

Bea makes a run for it, and Finn starts chasing her through the bush. I’ve said this before, but I’m going to say it again for the Neighbours at the back – nothing good ever happens in the bush. Come on guys, just stop going there. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of madness.

Meanwhile, Susan, Elly and Xanthe figure out that Bea is missing, and so they don their crime-fighting anoraks and head out into the bush as well, because what could go wrong?

They find the cabin, and Bea’s therapy notes strewn all over the floor. They also find her jacket, phone and keys, so they’re worried something bad has happened. Now, one thing I’ve learned about the Australian bush from Neighbours is that once someone is in it, it is very hard to find them, so imagine my surprise when Susan, Elly and Xanthe stumble upon Bea almost immediately, and then Finn finds all four of them mere minutes later. Finn chooses a very silly position with his back to a cliff to have it out with them, and predictably ends up plummeting over the edge, at which point the ladies decide to leave him there because they have no phone reception, and also because it’s Finn, so who cares. And so they swish off back to their car in their assorted rainwear.

neighbours xanthe susan bea elly

The ladies have a big secret. Photo: Channel 5/Digital Spy.

Later on, they hear that Finn has been found and rushed to the hospital, which leaves them with a moral dilemma – do they tell the police what happened or do they keep their mouths shut and hope Finn doesn’t regain consciousness? And what exactly did happen remains a mystery, unless you’ve read the spoilers, because we didn’t actually see if Finn fell or if he was pushed. Elly is super keen to keep their presence at the cliff a secret, and she’s backed up by Xanthe, who is clearly over dealing with Finn and his antics. After a secret discussion in the middle of the road, which nobody at all could possibly have noticed, Susan and Bea reluctantly agree, leaving us with a very Big Little Lies kind of scenario on Ramsay Street…