Kevin The Star

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The drama has finally settled from the “perfect murder”, but someone is still delivering surveillance tapes. The tapes still show the residents of Riverdale houses, but who is filming them? More importantly, why are they filming them? This episode is was exciting because it is one of the very few musical episodes in the season. I read a comment on Facebook stating that Riverdale is good until they think they’re high school musical. I know everyone has their own opinions about these episodes, but I love them. It would be a different story if the cast had horrible voices, but they actually harmonize very well from time to time. Is this show better than High School Musical? Definitely not I wouldn’t dare disrespect a classic. Kevin was set to set to sing Hedwig at the Riverdale Variety show when Priniapal Honey decided to rain on his parade once again. I thought for sure Cheryl would win his blessing, but he still said no. You know Riverdale, one no means a thousand yes’s.

All of the students protested together to support Kevin which eventually ended in Principal Honey canceling the Variety show. I’m not sure if Principal. Honey’s attitude is apart of the plot in the storyline or if he has a background that we will eventually get to see also. He gives me an old lonely cat man vibes or maybe he was bullied in school. Something is seriously wrong with this man for him to not believe in anything fun, plus he didn’t sing.  Boo Principal Honey. It was a good thing Veronica is a business owner La Bon Nuite became the secret space for the students to hold the Variety show. I loved how this scene showcased so much of Kevin’s talent and personality.

Archie And The Archie’s 

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Somehow Betty was able to drag Jughwad away from his mysteries into the world of song, but this backfired when she exchanged harsh words with him. During this musical scene, Betty tore Jughead a new one for not studying so that he can graduate. Although, she meant well she wasn’t being very considerate of the hell he just walked away from. Jughead almost lost his life, he lost his contract, and he doesn’t know he’s about to lose his girlfriend. During this same scene, Veronica chewed Archie out for not intriguing in Hiram’s personal life. Archie was forced to lie to Veronica about Hiram training at the gym, but he still came clean. Because Archie didn’t drag him to the doctor, he’s a bad boyfriend I guess. I know Veronica was angry, but it’s her da** daddy and let’s not forget, she tried to kill Archie. Despite that Archie still looked after Hiram and told Veronica when he didn’t have to.

We all expected this “fake relationship” between Archie and Betty to be real and this scene proved my point. Even after they felt the guilt of making out with each other I had a feeling like that it was something that they really wanted to do. I don’t think it was an accident, mistake, or anything short from real and I highly doubt Jughead and Veronica will believe it either. After the makeout session, Veronica and Jughead apologized to Betty and Archie, but it was too late. The deed was done and who knows if it was just a kiss. We saw how dirty Betty can be, she had to get down and dirty with Archie. They both appear to be guilty, but I don’t think they’re sorry for what they did. If Jughead and Veronica do find out, all the trust in their circle will be gone for good. Let’s hope that this mystery guy that are sending these tapes doesn’t have a tape of Archie and Betty kissing. Somehow Jughead received a tape of two people one of those people being Betty hitting him with a rock. She should’ve just hit him with a rock if she’s gonna break his heart.

Rating: 5/5

I had to give this episode a good rating because I love the musical episodes! I’m also here for the drama there is no telling what’s going to happen now that Betty and Archie have “real” feelings for each other. I’m going to predict that there will be a tape leaked of Archie and Betty kissing. That leads me to the next thing I love about this episode. There were a lot of retro references that I loved especially Hedwig and the classic chick flick slumber party montage. I felt like Riverdale is modernized, but also presented as it is in the comics from the ’90s. If Riverdale took place in the late 2000s no one in the town would have VHS tapes which is something that I just now noticed. I sat there and thought “It’s 2020 why do they have VHS tape?” I began to think In what time period does Riverdale actually take place. They have smartphones yet there are older modeled cars in the show. Kevin said that they are generation Z yet they wore wigs from 1963. I concluded that it’s a healthy mixture between old and new and I love it.