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Santa Clarita Diet Season 2 Episode 10 – “Halibut!”

An overview of the Netflix Original Show Santa Clarita Diet Season 2 Episode 10 - "Halibut!"

This is it folks! The finale of Santa Clarita Diet season 2… So many knives in the air here! We’ve got to be like an expert juggler and focus on just one blade… forget it, lets just dive in!

Try Not to Panic

We last left our beloved Hammonds in a panic after being shot at with a rocket launcher and having Anne tell them homicide will be taking on the missing persons case. They’re talking about leaving town, since it isn’t likely that they can withstand a thorough investigation, or even a terrible cleaning lady. Joel does have a plan for dropping Abby off at Sheila’s sister’s house. He reveals that he’s been worried about this whole thing since Sheila originally killed Gary, so he’s been planning contingency options all along. Sheila gets an idea though, that involves Gary, but we don’t get to hear it. I guess we’ll have to see what she’s cooked up!

Sheila gets an idea using Gary
Image Captured via Netflix: Santa Clarita Diet Season 2 Episode 10 – “Halibut!”

Abby gives in and asks Eric for input on her explosive plan. He begins to protest, but quickly concedes when confronted with her adorable face. Abby explains that she needs to blow it up tonight because there is a press conference coming tomorrow that promises to paint the fracking site in a light that it doesn’t deserve. Eric agrees to help create something to blow up the propane tanks on the trailer from a distance, since Abby’s plan wouldn’t have ended with her having both hands intact. Benefits of having a super gifted guy crushing hardcore on you I guess!

Abby thanks Eric for helping with her explosion
Image Captured via Netflix: Santa Clarita Diet Season 2 Episode 10 – “Halibut!”

Joel and Sheila come to Gary with a plan about him calling “Dan” on burner phones, so that Anne can come in contact with them, and prove they’re both alive. Don’t worry, the plan seems super loose to everyone involved except for the Hammonds. Gary craves human attention, since they rarely visit him, and asks about their days instead. Sheila and Joel really lay into how they need him to clear everything up, which gets Gary cooperating… sort of. He starts recording the voicemail and makes a joke about being a head. And then about Dan being in Sheila’s stomach. And then a bunch of other ones, revealing way too much information. After messing with them for a bit, and giving them a usable voicemail, he asks them to kill him. He’s completely ready to die, since everything is covered with his niece and her child, but the Hammonds are not as ready.

Gary is ready to die
Image Captured via Netflix: Santa Clarita Diet Season 2 Episode 10 – “Halibut!”

Tough Requests

Sheila and Joel go back home, and discuss the state of things as they are. Joel feels that he should take the fall if the phone plan doesn’t work. Abby and Eric come in and Eric is pumped about the alphabet soup Sheila serves. He reminds the Hammonds about his mother’s baptism at his house which will be crawling with cops, including the head of the homicide unit. Joy!

Eric warns about the homicide detective
Image Captured via Netflix: Santa Clarita Diet Season 2 Episode 10 – “Halibut!”

Abby and Eric are asked to hide the phone in the locked “Dan’s stuff” closet. Eric also finds a brick of C4, and questions what Dan was doing with it, though I’m sure it was something super illegal. Eric cautions Abby not to go tonight to blow up the trailer, showing just how much he worries about her. She explains that she needs to do it so she can help save the planet, and leave something good behind as a legacy, because her life as she knows it may be ending soon. What a rough life for a high school kid!

Abby is having a crisis
Image Captured via Netflix: Santa Clarita Diet Season 2 Episode 10 – “Halibut!”

Anne comes in and catches the two in the bedroom. They manage to distract her with a totally sketchy back and forth moment from Eric and Abby. Eric is left to tell Anne all about her relationship with him and his mother, and I couldn’t stop cringing throughout. Abby calls the planted phone (that Eric placed there with his own hands… fingerprints anyone?) from the hallway. The scene ends as awkward Eric talks about how weird it is that Dan’s closet is ringing. I guess that worked…

Eric is a terrible actor
Image Captured via Netflix: Santa Clarita Diet Season 2 Episode 10 – “Halibut!”

Technology Troubles

Joel and Sheila are at the cop filled baptism party, discussing their panic word. I can’t help but think that they should have handled that before they got there… Bill Ramirez, the head of homicide, comes right up and starts talking to them. He notices right away that they aren’t law enforcement, and they begin being SUPER nervous. So much for playing it casual… He inquires about Dan, and they start babbling and stumbling over their words. It does NOT look too good for them, considering how bad they are at speaking with Bill at a casual party.

Sheila and Joel blew it with the homicide unit head
Image Captured via Netflix: Santa Clarita Diet Season 2 Episode 10 – “Halibut!”

The kids come through and say that Anne listened to the voicemail message. She is terribly bummed about her case falling apart, but making the best of it considering the happy day. She notices Sheila’s jingly bracelets, which I am sure is going to come back and haunt her. What’s even worse, is that Anne says she sent the phone to her tech guy because she could have him recover the deleted voicemails. Voicemails which were filled with Gary’s “confession” jokes! Joel and Sheila retreat to the side of the house, where he explains that its time to get out of town. Sheila gives up and accepts it, and they discuss the plan to get out of town and drop off Abby.

Joel says they've got to go
Image Captured via Netflix: Santa Clarita Diet Season 2 Episode 10 – “Halibut!”

Time to Go

Abby came in at the wrong moment and runs off to talk with Eric, her only real shelter from this storm. There is a terribly heartbreaking moment, where she asks if they should kiss. They do and things are just as awkward as always so the heartbreaking moment passes quickly. Eric becomes very gallant, and plans to blow up the fracking trailer. He does, however, try to get her to convince him not to. She loves the idea, so of course she doesn’t!

Abby is showing her feelings
Image Captured via Netflix: Santa Clarita Diet Season 2 Episode 10 – “Halibut!”

Joel starts packing everything in garbage bags, and makes sure to grab Sheila’s lingerie. Abby comes in pissed because Aunt Kathy called. She explains that she is coming along with the family, and has been packed since Gary got killed. She also has a perfect exit plan, including pulling out cash before their accounts are frozen. Go Abby! And here they thought she wouldn’t be able to handle herself.

Abby is always ready for disaster
Image Captured via Netflix: Santa Clarita Diet Season 2 Episode 10 – “Halibut!”

As they finish packing the car, Anne shows up. The bullshit cover story is that they’re giving their possessions away to Goodwill, after being inspired by Lisa’s baptism. Anne expresses her gratitude for them being friends, especially after her case fell apart. Sheila gives her the jingly bracelets, and Anne asks about the guitar and some other items since she thinks its all being donated anyway.

Anne gets a very important gift
Image Captured via Netflix: Santa Clarita Diet Season 2 Episode 10 – “Halibut!”

Just then, Anne’s phone rings. Her tech guy is on the other line. Anne looks back and forth at the Hammonds, a cold expression on her face, while the call goes on. She hangs up, and says “That’s it, its all over guys.” Joel immediately panics, but Anne continues with the best news they’ve had all day. The tech expert couldn’t find anything on the phone because it was super cheap burner phone! Anne walks off with a haul of their prized possessions. Looks like the Hammonds are safe! Gary still wants to die though, so I guess they need to see to that.

Sheila is excited about her phone purchase
Image Captured via Netflix: Santa Clarita Diet Season 2 Episode 10 – “Halibut!”

Going Out With a Bang

Abby comes back to Eric, who is creating the bombing device. She lets him know the good news, and wants to take over the bombing mission again. Eric says he’ll come along, which is probably smart. He may have made the device safe enough for her, but having him run it is probably even safer. With the C4 all strapped up, he asks about the kiss. Unfortunately, it looks like they’ll never speak of it again. Until next season!

Eric loves Abby something fierce
Image Captured via Netflix: Santa Clarita Diet Season 2 Episode 10 – “Halibut!”

While looking in the mirror, Anne recognizes the sound from the jingling bracelets, grabs her gun, and heads out on a mission. The Hammonds, however, are hosting a funeral service for Gary out in the desert. Joel gives a real moving speech, and he shares a moment with his head-buddy. Sheila offers up shooting Gary with the tiny pistol they bought for killing her. They say their goodbyes, press the pillow to his head, and Joel can’t bring himself to do it.

Gary jokes, even at his own funeral
Image Captured via Netflix: Santa Clarita Diet Season 2 Episode 10 – “Halibut!”

Just then, deputy Anne shows up, after tracking their cell phones. She reveals that she heard the bracelets in Gary’s voicemail. She’s not sure on the specifics, but she is dead set that the Hammonds are responsible for everything. Took ya long enough Anne! Sheila takes the blame for it all, which was the opposite of what she agreed to. Joel decides to pull the tiny pistol on Anne, which is not one of his brightest ideas.

Joel stands up for his wife
Image Captured via Netflix: Santa Clarita Diet Season 2 Episode 10 – “Halibut!”

Anne threatens to shoot Joel, with her actual sized gun, and Sheila charges her. Anne fires, which obviously doesn’t stop our girl, and Sheila tells her the truth. She’s risen from the dead and is only killing bad people. Anne is skeptical, and fires again after Joel tells her she can. Anne, being the religious woman that she is, believes that Sheila has risen and is doing God’s work. The Hammonds seize the strange opportunity and roll with it. Joel produces Gary’s head as proof that Sheila can grant eternal life. Anne asks for a sign from God to know this is all true, and that’s when the fracking trailer explodes! Anne gets down on her knees, and asks Sheila how it is she can serve God’s instrument. Gary ends the episode talking about how this just got weird. What an understatement!

Gary closes out the season
Image Captured via Netflix: Santa Clarita Diet Season 2 Episode 10 – “Halibut!”

So that was not how I expected the end of the season to go down! I figured that Anne was going to make the connections, considering the Hammonds have been terrible at dropping hints to her, but this whole religious aspect was a nice twist. It plays in for her as a character, and I like how they’ve taken a minute detail and made it a huge plot point. Abby and Eric are all made up, but I hope they’re okay after blowing up that trailer (at the best possible moment). We still have no idea what to do with Mr. Ball Legs, whether or not all of Ruby’s clams are gone, and what exactly mystery couple intends to do now.

Tune in next week when we do a season review and go over a few more of our unanswered questions. If you’ve got anything in particular you want us to go over, feel free to comment below!


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