We are sure we aren’t the only ones both extremely excited for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. We’d also bet we aren’t the only ones feeling a little fatigued about the amount of time and energy Nintendo’s spent on revealing information on the latest edition to its favorite fighting franchise. Given the amount of time spent during Nintendo’s E3 2018 presentation, and the subsequent Nintendo Directs that followed, fans wondered what else Nintendo could share with what it dubbed as its “final Super Smash Nintendo Direct.”

Did Nintendo ‘smash’ expectations and truly surprise fans? Here’s our take.

Nintendo Introduces Three New Characters



Ken from the Streetfighter franchise and Incineroar from Pokemon Sun and Pokémon Moon joined the fight, proving that Nintendo is stuffing their roster full of every character (but Waluigi). What’s more, pre-purchasing the game snags you Pirahana Plant. Color me unimpressed, but the latter seems like a superfluous addition.

The Spirit Mode Is…Not What We Expected



With some serious RPG vibes and something of a convoluted setup, the Spirit Combinations mode allows you to use characters (who surprisingly aren’t part of the roster) to beef up your existing characters. To get said spirits, you have to battle them; rather a fighter in the game who’s similar in type. It’s a little clunky, but serious fans may adopt it pretty quickly.

A Promise Of More To Come

As Nintendo continues to lean into DLC, the creator of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate promise that more stages and playable characters are on their way. You can either buy each pack individually or as a season pass. 

A Beefed Up Story Mode



The best was saved for last, with Nintendo revealing that the story mode, dubbed “World Of Light.” The cinematic was bananas, featuring some Avengers: Infinity War vibes. Without completely spoiling it, all we will say is that it must be seen to be believed.

Though the presentation was informative, it seems odd for Nintendo to release such a lackluster Direct so close to the game’s release. Maybe it’s an effort to ensure the game is a ‘smash’ hit. Maybe they think a steady stream of content will make more people convert to the Switch this holiday season. For us, it seems like they gave too much away at the start, and haven’t hit the bar they set since. 

What did you think about Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct?