Source: The Mindy Project // Hulu

The TCA event is likely to be when Hulu will announce a new season order for The Mindy Project, if they are planning on renewing the series.

Until then, Mindy Kaling is working on Ocean’s Eight in New York. She will follow up that project by joining Ava Duvernay’s A Wrinkle In Time before starting production on a movie that she wrote and will star in with Emma Thompson (Paul Feig is in talks to direct!)

Kaling has also sold a few new shows, including one developed by co-star Ed Weeks about a lesbian couple who move back to conservative Kansas with their son, and another with TMP writer Charlie Grandy about 2 brothers and an unexpected child.

With all this going on, it’s hard to see another season of The Mindy Project happening; but Hulu isn’t a typical network and they might order a sixth season to be rolled out at a later date…whatever the outcome, let’s hope that it’s a mutual decision between executives & creator, and that the show gets to have a satisfying ending!

Check back in with us soon for more on The Mindy Project and the TCA’s .TMP’s 5th season continues on February 14th.