As a fan of ‘Sabrina The Teenage Witch’ and the infamous comics, I was excited about the release of the new series. So far many fans are loving the reboot and so am I. My biggest concern was the reboot being an epic fail because that’s what the latest reboots in 2018 have been. Another concern of mines was the consistency of Netflix releasing originals and not release the next season for another year or two. It really irks my nerves when they entice us with such good shows and then we have to go a while without new episodes. It’s like a bad breakup, but the ex-pops in and out of your life whenever he/she pleases. Luckily this show is so good, that it’s worth going through a bad breakup with Netflix.

From the first episode ‘October Country’ the audience gets a brief introduction of who Sabrina Spellman is (If you’re not already a fan). Sabrina was a day away from her 16th birthday and dark baptism. Getting baptized meant that her half-mortal life would be over and she would begin to fulfill her duties as a servant to the Dark Lord. Unfortunately, this meant leaving behind her loving boyfriend Harvey and her two best friends Susie and Roz. Her nervousness about withdrawing from a realm where she has found comfort in made her have doubts about being baptized. I like how this show reflects the impact of religious beliefs in a dark way. No matter what side you walk on, you must choose one. Sabrina was caught in the middle of believing or not to believe. The fact that she is also a half breed (half human and half witch) because her father who was a warlock married a human doesn’t help at all. She wanted to live the best of both worlds, but she soon found out that there was only one choice.

Her two aunts expressed their concerns of her backing out of the baptism by saying that it was something that her parents wanted for her, The passing of her parents lead to her aunts being the guidance that she needs to be an honorable woman of the Dark Lord. It was hard enough for her to face the fact that her human life is over, but she also is stressed by her aunts to be this which she doesn’t feel like she is. Much like her father, she is fascinated with mortal affairs, but it can be troubling because her father is no longer the highest priest, While gathering the perfect lie to tell to her friends, she came to the conclusion that it wasn’t a good idea to lie. Sabrina told Harvey the truth about her being a witch, but it turned out that the reaction that she had hoped for didn’t sit well with her. To change her reality, she kissed Harvey to make him forget that she ever told him. This was one of my favorite scenes because she had the opportunity to see what her life would be like if she told him the truth. I felt like after a while of processing the information he would’ve gotten over it because he knew she was leaving. Balancing her earthly life a dark life is a hassle when she is feeling forced into living life as a witch. She went days of purifying her body and preparing to attend a school made for witches. One of the traditional ways of preparing for the baptism is finding a familiar. Sabrina’s familiar came to her room in the form of a cat named Salem who heard her call in the woods. Each witch has their own familiar in the form of different animals. While Sabrina was finding her way through the earth world and witch world A strange woman that Ms.Wardwell picked up took over her body. She claimed to have known Sabrina’s “bastard” of a father and seeks to make sure that Sabrina follows through with the ways of the Dark Lord.

One of the things that kept Sabrina from focusing on her baptism was the football players from her high school. The football players tormented Susie by pulling up her shirt to see if she had breast. This leads to Sabrina seeking help from her principal, but it was no good because he didn’t care. The safety of the young women in the school wasn’t a priority of his so he just allowed the bullying to go on without consequences. Sabrina found out through Ms. Wardwell that spiders if Principal. Hawthorne’s weakness so she invades her slumber with thousands of spiders. This scene was so cringe worthy for me because I’m scared of spiders too! Watching them crawl over him made me feel like they were on me. The episode ended with a surprise visit from Mr. Blackwood to discuss Sabrina’s doubts. I thought that the beginning of the season was kicked off right. I love the characters, but my favorite so far is the weird sister and the aunts. I also love the storyline comparison, from the high points to the low each scene was nailed.