What happens when man meets God?

According to the writers of LoT, man gets pretty pissed off.

This week, the gang discovers the existence of the Oculus, a machine used by the Time Masters to bend reality around the whims of Savage, their longtime ally. Rip falls apart as he realizes that his journey to stop Savage was entirely planned by the Time Masters, and that all his actions have been fodder for Savage’s rise.

The team decides to go after the Oculus, and destroy it, ultimately disarming the Council and stopping Savage. The planning phase of their attack is weird; if the Oculus controls everything they do, then the team shouldn’t be able to act outside their own destinies, yet their purposeful “off-script” attack suggests otherwise. More time should have been spent on outthinking the omniscient, the Oculus is a fantastic god-like concept, but the writers missed the opportunity to really play with it.

Also, Captain Cold’s character arc has done a backflip. In an act of selflessness, he saves the team, taking up Ray’s fate and acting for once of his own free will, standing in defiance of the destiny that the Oculus laid out for him. I’m reminded of the iconic line from Romeo and Juliet:


GIF source: garbagefresh.tumblr.com

The chemistry between Snart and Lisa is also addressed, but the scene is more about Captain Cold being rebellious and noble simultaneously.

The entire episode was great, possibly the season’s best bringing a sense of much-needed closure to many loose ends, and ending with a twist that few saw coming.

Article Submitted By Rachel Hill