Jeremiah was a doomsday prepper, he made videos with his methods and ideas. He teamed up with his sons and wife. Besides the videos being very old they seemed cheesy but very weird, even before a world gone bad. After the break we see a gathering of the compound as they have a funeral for Charlene, her mom is understandably upset, but blames it on having to defend the unprepared. Madison takes this opportunity to introduce her family, let everyone know that they did lose someone too, while acknowledging that they appreciate everything that people have done for them. A member of the crowd chimes in wanting to know what they are going to do about finding who shot down the chopper. Jeremiah tells everyone that he has already asked Alpha station to go take a look at the helicopter rubble to see if they can find out what they are dealing with. If it’s a small threat of radicals they will take care of that, if it is a larger threat they will get the information and figure out what they need to do.


When the person you hate is talking. Photo credit: Michael Desmond/AMC

A lot of people hate the Clarke’s, but someone named Gretchen asks Alicia to join her for bible study. Alicia tries to wiggle out of it, by even saying they were Jewish, but Madison thinks she should join and agrees for her. Elsewhere, Luciana is finally starting to wake up from her injuries, they still keep her locked up to the bed. She wants Nick to gear up and get ready to leave, while Nick wants her to look around before coming up with a hasty decision. Troy breaks into the Clarke’s room and hides in a bed, Madison comes in and sees him inside. They have a battle of wits, basically Troy wants Nick gone, but Madison says they are a package deal, if Madison and Alicia stays so does Nick. Later Nick does want to leave, he thinks Luciana is not safe her, Madison wants them to stay, and says if it gets to the point where Luciana is not safe that Nick will have to make a decision.

Madison goes to Jeremiah, while Jake is there too , and asks for help with Troy who broke into the room and threatened her family. Madison continues that she is hard to like if someone threatens her family, she informs Jeremiah that if Jake didn’t arrive at the depot when he did her and her family would be dead. That he is murdering people and calling it science, and maybe the compound needs to know who he really is. Jeremiah says that if people around the compound don’t like her that is on her, but he won’t let anyone drown without having the ability to swim, essentially, and tells Jake to have Madison watch all the doomsday tapes. Madison asks Jake if he is scared about who shot down the chopper, which he agrees he is, she asks to have a chance to talk to whoever it is when they find out. After this Jake goes out and finds Troy and asks him to stay away from the Clarke’s, they came on his invite and they trust him and he wants Troy to promise, which he does but nobody believes it. Later on while watching tapes, Madison sees that Jeremiah had a temper problem, and deduces that the wife had an alcohol problem.

With Alicia she goes to the bible study, it is down in a creepy bunker. Inside they say they are getting the materials together, and pull out weed, a bong, and some alcohol. Alicia was absolutely shocked by the bible study scene. After taking a rip and laughing a bit, Alicia asks to see Jeff who is supposed to be the leader of the study. Gretchen agrees to take out Jeff who is a walker head in a bird cage that is still alive and chomping that lives in an oil drum. Alicia looks at Jeff for a bit and starts cracking up. The group asks Alicia what it’s like in the real world, as most or all of them have been inside the compound since the beginning. She replies it’s chaos, ruin, it changes you, not like Jeff mind you, but worse. Alicia wanted to ask Jeff a question, which is who is the Otto’s? That is just the founding fathers, the preppers that had this place going before it all began. Jeff showed up a week after it all started, he was the first one to show up, Troy took Jeff’s body, Gretchen continued that Troy and his militia do things that the others can’t. They have been behind the wall from the start and don’t know how to handle themselves, Alicia tells them that sometimes, “you have to handle your own shit.” Jeff now has a question for Alicia, what bad stuff has she done? She tells the group she killed a man, everyone was extremely shocked yet intrigued, Gretchen prods to know how it felt, and Alicia said simply, easy. When the session is over Jake says something to Alicia, who did a little playful look back after passing, I think she likes Jake.

Later that night, Nick is out and about, and for some reason he was watching this older couple dance on the porch. Troy drives up and asks Nick if he wants to join everyone boar hunting, which is essentially maintenance, instead of watching old people bone. Nick says he doesn’t hunt but Troy says he needs to earn his keep. You can tell Nick is hesitant and knows something is up. Troy geared Nick up with a gun and he gets in the truck with him. Out on the hunt you can see Troy creeeeeeeping, we can assume it’s towards Nick. Nick jumps out of a bush and tackles Troy. He has Troy dead to rights, Troy says it’s loose ground he could probably dig a grave, the people would be suspicious of Nick but can’t prove it. Nick wonders how long until he turns, Troy has his assumption but wants Nick to take the notes in Troys pocket and note it. Nick ends up shooting right near Troy’s face, not hitting him at all, he takes Nick’s notes and rips the pages out of the book and throws them around. Troy gets up and attacks Nick, they both laugh and Troy says he thinks they will be friends now? What? Troy takes the papers and heads towards the rest of the hunting party.

Luciana and Madison have a talk, she tells Madison thanks for waiting until she heals before they all leave. She is very sorry for Trevor dying, and so appreciative because he saved her life. Alicia tells Luciana they will survive somehow, and Troy was a better person than she was. At a meal Jake tells Jeremiah something, Jeremiah gets everyone’s attention that it has been 36 hours and they have had no reports from Alpha station. That is odd so Troy and others will take a party out to investigate and asks for volunteers. Blake, Mike, Coot, Jimmy & Madison volunteer! Everyone is stunned that Madison has offered to step up, she grabs her meal plate and goes and sits next to Troy, who says her family is over at another table, she says she knows and unfolds a napkin and puts it on his lap!

From the opening picture, obviously something happened with Strand! Strand is cruising in his black vehicle and he heads to a large body of water. We see a lot of people with shopping carts, small belongings and really dirty. He just passes them up until he gets to a fence. A number of guards are stopping people and we see they are trading items for water. Strand says he is not there to trade water he wants to talk to Dante. He believes that he matters, but the guard tells him to head the three blocks back and get in line, he offers the guard the keys to the car, and the guard just tosses the keys. Strand gets upset and says Dante will be upset and goes after the guard but easily over powered. Strand says Dante won’t be happy, but he is near and says that Strand looks like shit.

They later chit chat, over drinks, about history and what led to this spot in life. Dante acts like they are on good terms until they go out on the dam, Dante shows Strand what he does to people in this world who use people. A former member of the mob is being held over the railing pleading for his life. Dante says that he is not needed in the new world and drops him into a big pile of walkers who instantly start feasting on the fallen body. They grab Strand and put him over saying he was a thief and he steals from people. Strand pleads he never stole from Dante, but Dante says that doesn’t matter. Strand pleads to work for Dante, and that he needs his help, his operation is to close to his supply, water is the new currency now and he needs someone who can organize a transport and he can organize that and get the men for implementation. Dante says that he has a debt to pay off and he will do that. On a side note, Dante insists on wearing suits and looks a bit insane compared to everyone else now. Strand is kept in some sort of makeshift cell, when someone knocks on the steel bars and sets a canteen on the ledge. Strand gets it without seeing who it was, smells it and drinks it. He drinks it all, the man says he knew that Strand would drink it all. He says I told you I would be your guardian angel. Who was it? Who made a triumphant return?


DANIEL SALAZAR FOR THE WIN! He is back baby! Photo Credit: Michael Desmond/AMC