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Episode synopsis:

“Oliver and Diggle face their biggest challenge yet. Curtis is disappointed to find out his new boyfriend has a firm anti-vigilante stance.”

Arrow kicks off with a bang. Dinah has assembled a team of SCPD officers whom are not under Diaz’s control. They’ve even teamed up with the Green Arrow and Spartan to bring in Anatoly. When Dinah and her team bring in Anatoyl, Captain Hill isn’t thrilled, nobody authorized the arrest. Luckily for Dinah Mayor Queen shows up and says he authorized it.  Man who knew it would be that easy to bring in Anatoly.

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Yeah it isn’t that easy. DA Sam Armand tells Ollie and Dinah that they have to set Anatoly free because there wasn’t actually a warrant out on him. It’s now clear to Ollie Hill isn’t the only member of the city in Diaz’s pocket. With Anatoly free, Diaz and him decide to send a message by killing a cop of Dinah’s team and he is just the beginning.

Dinah’s team isn’t safe and she knows it. Her and Curtis are taking everyone to a secure location to hold up. Curtis is mostly going to hang with his new boyfriend too bad he is anti-vigilante.

If that isn’t enough for Ollie, John still hasn’t given up at getting the hood back. Oliver finally tells him he isn’t giving it up. Tensions are high but right now they don’t have time to worry about it. Diaz needs to be stopped. Take out the Vertigo, take out Diaz’s money.

Ollie is attempting to battle Diaz from both sides. As the mayor Oliver calls for a meeting between himself, Hill and Sam regarding Diaz. Hill’s family is being threatened and Sam’s son has cancer and Diaz is paying the bills. Ollie wants to protect them but they say he can’t. They won’t stop working for Diaz so, he fires them.

At the Lance residence, Laurel wants to help Quentin with the Diaz problem, he tells her to get a job. Maybe try her hand at the law, she does technically have a law degree. Too bad she only wants to help because she is working for Diaz. Poor Quentin, she definitely cares about him but she’s evil.

Oliver apologizes to John and everything seems copacetic, Felicity has even tracked down the Vertigo dealer. It’s time for a sting. Things go pretty well until Spartan and the Green Arrow use the method of good cop, bad cop. John goes a little too bad for Ollie’s liking, it almost works though until the dealer is shot in the head. The apology is forgotten and the pair are at odds with each other. John takes off to get some air and to talk to Lyla.

John comes back and him and Ollie talk. According to John, Ollie is spread too thin. He also doesn’t agree with all of his recent decisions. Ollie needs to be the hero the city needs not the hero he needs to be. Oliver flips it all back at John for hiding his injury while he was the Green Arrow. Hurtful things are said and it escalates to a physical fight between the two. Felicity has to break it up. They admit she’s right and things cool down. Just in time too because Felicity has found the Vertigo factory.

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Things are heating up for both Dinah’s team and Oliver’s team.

Dinah’s compound is under attack, Diaz had a mole on the inside. Gunfire ensues. Curtis takes a bullet for his boyfriend and he finds out that Curtis is Mr. Terrific. Luckily Dinah and company are able to found an escape route.

Green Arrow and Spartan make their assault. Ollie uses a cool multi exploding trick arrow, always love those. The duo takes everyone down and blows the drug factory. It looks like the boys are back.

Or not, John’s sorry about the fight but he can’t follow Oliver’s lead anymore and leaves the team. Ollie’s all alone now, well he still has Felicity. John isn’t done protecting the city though, he’ll just be doing it with A.R.G.U.S. now.

Hill’s final act as captain was to fire all the clean cops including Curtis’s boyfriend. In the bright side he doesn’t care that Curtis is a vigilante. Too make matters worse Hill and the DA call out for Oliver’s impeachment on live television. The kicker too, it was all Laurel’s idea. The episode closes with Laurel and Diaz wrestling with their tongues.

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Overall solid episode, some real good action. Almost felt like season 1. I just don’t know what to think know. Is Oliver ever going to get his team back? Is Laurel playing for both sides? I don’t know.

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