Supergirl was able to call back to its roots in the opening episode of its fourth season. I love it!

Kara’s confidence in her reporter skills and unintended ignorance surrounding her Supergirl identity come to the forefront. Kara refuses to accept the fact that there exists much anti-alien sentiment swirling in the ear, despite J’onn’s pleading.

It’s lovely to witness Kara’s successes, helping others across the world in crisis, as well as being stern with the President during a press conference. Nia, Kara’s protege, is such the epitome of a young Kara, completely flustered and trying so hard to please her new boss. Kara is the epitome of Cat Grant, acting as a mentor in a similar way her former boss did in Season 1. It was humorous to witness this as a longtime fan of the show.

J’onn J’ones is rocking civilian life, as he maintains a support group through which to vent about aliens living in disguise in order to assimilate into the human culture. It’s important to note the parallels between aliens and immigrants in today’s volatile climate.

James is going to be tried for confessing his role as Guardian. Lena decides to step into the background, cutting a deal with her mother in order to ensure that James won’t be tried. She lies to James, playing off the sudden dismissal of all charges when the news breaks. James is still threatened with arrest should he get into his Guardian mode and help Supergirl, the DEO or National Citizens in any way.

I do love the fact that Lena created and sells image inducers for alien citizens who choose to assimilate into the culture, appearing as humans. But alas, the reveal of President Marsdin’s alien identity will create much problems and chaos in the coming episodes.

If you ask me, this writer hopes to have more excuses to see DEO Director Danvers kick ass, running the DEO with her fabulous haircut. Warming up to Brainy was difficult since Winn is so obviously missed, but his character creates an interesting dynamic inside the DEO.

I’m enthralled at the possibilities that Agent Liberty’s appearances will create. His being alien while promoting anti-alien sentiments will prove to be quite a foe for Kara Zor-El. Of course, she still hasn’t discovered her twin causing a ruckus in Russia.

Sunday needs to come swiftly. I need more Supergirl.

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