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This Is Us has easily been my favorite show for the past two years. I typically do not write about much except horror and some comedy shows, but when I saw this was available I had to take it because it’s just so good and I need a spot to get my feelings out about it. Unfortunately, I have been having some personal issues and I wasn’t able to watch the show every week, but I am happy to say I am completely caught up and have some emotional energy to put down a few thoughts on the latest episode.

Two weeks ago was the episode where Randall got upset with Kate because she said that she was the only one who was going to be able to “pass on a part of dad.” So, at the beginning of the episode, we pick up with the end of Kevin’s movie premiere and Kate and Randall get into an argument about her trying IVF instead of adoption and Randall asks her if she didn’t think that just because he was adopted if that meant he didn’t have any of dad in him. A week later Kate is about to have her surgery and the two have not made up yet, so Randall decides to fly across the country to be with her when she wakes up from the surgery. Yes, Randall is, in fact, the sweetest of the siblings.

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With Kevin’s movie having its premiere he is currently doing press for it and is going on Fresh Air with Terry Gross, whom Zoe is a big fan of. While there Terry asks him if he knew very much about Jack’s time in Vietnam. Kevin has the realization that he knows next to nothing about that time in his dad’s life and starts to get curious. This will be a big plotline for later episodes I believe as Kevin and Zoe decide to dig into what exactly Jack did over there by reaching out to some of the people in Jack’s unit.

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Meanwhile, Kate’s in surgery and has a hard time coming out from the anesthesia. While under she starts having dreams that involve both her younger selves and Jack himself. Teenage Kate is being a brat and trying to convince her that she won’t be a good parent to a baby and that she should just stay there with them because they have their dad in this dreamland. Eventually, Kate puts her foot down and tells her former selves that she is going to be a mom and then says to her dad that she has to go, to which he replies “I know, Katie girl.” Cue the tears.

When Kate wakes up she and Randall makeup and she tells him that him flying out there was the most dad thing he could have done. The doctor comes in to tell them the surgery was a success and that they were able to retrieve eight eggs. WOOHOO!!!

At that time Randall gets a call from back home and is needed back ASAP. When he gets back he goes right to the hospital where Sky, one of Randall’s tenant’s children, was mugged and had broken her arm. Randall tells Chi Chi, Sky’s mother, that he promises he is going to do something. Earlier in the episode, Beth was fired from her job and we saw a flashback from when William was still alive. She was talking to him about Randall’s breakdown that we saw and William told her to stop messing with her rings like she was wondering why they got married in the first place. So when he comes home he tells her how he might want to run for office against Councilman Brown. She tells him she was fired and starts playing with her ring again.

This Is Us
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The back in time story this week was the continuation of how Rebecca and Jack got together. Last we saw, Jack had driven to Rebecca’s house and saw her kissing a dude. Well, that guy was her former boyfriend, Alan, of three years. He came back into her life that day and they fell right back where they were. When Jack saw that he went home to find his dad being an asshole to his mom and Jack convinced her to leave him right then. She was going to a friends house to stay and wanted to grab a coffee cake before going over there so Jack drove her to get a coffee cake. Alan asks Rebecca to move with him to New York and she agrees. They want to celebrate with Alan’s family so Rebecca goes to get drinks. At the store, she happens to run into Jack. They talk and of course, sparks fly. Back at Alan’s, Rebecca talks to his mother and she realizes she has this feeling about Jack. Rebecca leaves and finds Jack at his mother’s friend’s house. She realizes she made the right decision when she sees him doing the dishes. Cue the tears again.

This episode was very good. There are a lot of interesting plot points that I am excited to see develop. Obviously, I want to see what happens with the new information about Jack’s time in Vietnam, but I am a little worried about Randall and Beth. I know that’s probably what they want, but I have to say its working. It will be very interesting to see how the rest of that plays out and I am excited to be able to go on the journey with all of you.



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