Consequences.   Every action we take has consequences and this week we watch the continued repercussions of Eddie and Delilah’s affair.

On a lighter note, this week it’s Gary’s birthday, and in classic Jon fashion, it’s already preplanned.  It starts off with a text reminder for the guys. They all meet up at Gary’s house to start the celebration, but Gary hates his birthday and wishes nobody would ever do anything to remember it.

Bday boy

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As Gary debates Rome and Eddie about the unknown plans Jon has for them, a limo shows up to take them to Bruins Fantasy Camp.  Once this is revealed, Gary gladly jumps in the limo to experience their dreams come true.

Eddie asks to stop by his house to pick up his “lucky skates,” but gets in the house Katherine is there working.  He beats around the bush, obviously scared of his own wife, and asks if she can pick up the kids and since he would like to go to the camp.  She says yes.  In his excitement, he leaves his phone, and in the short time from when he leaves to when he comes back in to get the phone, a hotel called his phone and his wife answered.  She knows that something is up and Eddie admits to having an affair and reveals it is with Delilah.  As he says this, Gary comes in and hears the news as well.

His birthday is now ruined. He runs out and tells Rome.  Gary is pissed and yells at Eddie, wondering how could he betray his own friend.  Rome and Gary leave Eddie behind, still heading to the fantasy camp.

Eddie calls to warn Delilah that the cat is out of the bag, but it goes to voicemail.  When she finally gets the message, she is with Gina at Jons old office, to clean it out.  Rome told Gina what is going on, so now almost everyone knows what happened.

The Game

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Eddie finds his way to the fantasy camp and works to make amends with Gary since he is the most hurt by what happened.  They play some hockey and you think that they are finally breaking past the events, but after they win the practice game, Gary goes off on Eddie stating that just cause they won a game doesn’t mean everything is OK.


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Katherine, looking for answers, goes to Delilah’s house.  When Delilah gets home she gets in the car and the two ladies talk it out.  We see that Katherine works so hard as a sacrifice for her family, and Jon would understand what she is going through, but he’s not there anymore.


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Eddie gets home and starts trying to make things right with his wife.  He tells her the affair is over and that he wants her to forgive him.  She asks him if he loves her, and he is silent.  She slaps him then hands him sheets to sleep on the couch.

Eddie is in rough shape. The consequences of his indiscretion are out in the public and he has nobody to go to.  His buddies are all pissed. His wife is pissed and Delilah is distancing herself from him.

This episode was raw and I like how they didn’t go the normal route, and actually called out how it could have gone.  Friendships are tested and that is something that happens in real life.   Pleased to see the writers show some depth in their writing and build realistic outcomes.

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