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The CW kicks off their 7th season of Arrow tonight at 8pm. It is hard to believe that we have been following the escapades of the emerald archer for 7 years now. We’ve seen Oliver in all kinds of places — money, no money, assumed dead, dead, stranded and the list goes on, but this time Oliver is behind bars. That’s right, everyone knows he is the Green Arrow and he has been incarcerated, this writer for one has been wanting this to happen for a longtime, so needless to say I am very excited for this season.

Get hyped! These trailers look awesome.

Here’s the summary for the season if the trailers weren’t enough for you:

“There has been no shortage of close calls for Oliver Queen when it comes to protecting his Super Hero identity, but in the season six finale, he was finally backed into a corner and forced to reveal himself to the world as the Green Arrow. Now, Oliver will come face-to-face with many of the criminals he placed behind bars, as he makes a new home for himself at Slabside Maximum Security Prison. Oliver will find himself vulnerable in a way unlike ever before when a mysterious new enemy begins to unravel his work as Green Arrow, challenging him to redeem his name or risk losing everything.” – The CW

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Photo Source: Arrow/the CW

That’s right, Ollie is locked up with a bunch of villains from his past. I can’t wait to see the hijinks. Things are going to be tough for Oliver — Star City might be okay, there is a new man in the hood.

Lots of cool stuff is coming this season. The Longbow Hunters. Roy’s back. Prison. Felicity’s got pink hair and a nose ring. William might be less annoying.

Tonight’s episode is titled Inmate 4587 and here’s the summary:

“Following Oliver’s (Stephen Amell) shocking decision to turn himself over to the FBI and reveal his identity as the Green Arrow to the public, Oliver has spent the past five months in Slabside Maximum Security Prison.  Determined to keep a low profile to shorten his sentence for the sake of his family, Oliver is tested when he runs into old foes. Meanwhile, Diggle (David Ramsey) and Dinah (Juliana Harkavy) have taken on new jobs and left their costumes behind but not everyone is following suit. With her focus on William (guest star Jack Moore), Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) tries to start over but when someone from her past resurfaces, things become complicated.” – the CW

I think that’s enough information. Watch Arrow tonight at 8pm.