Instead of being narrated by Meredith, the episode features a voice over of April. She tells the biblical story of Job: in one single day, Job received news that his livestock, servants and ten children had all died. Through that, Job didn’t lose faith in God.

april shower

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We pick up where the previous episode ended: Meredith asks Alex and Jo what they did to Paul, who is now on a gurney in the ER. Meredith walks in as April tries to stabilize Paul. She asks April if the police have any suspects for this hit-and-run. April doesn’t have any idea, and Meredith stresses that April can’t lose this patient. April calls Helm to take over for a minute, and April talks to Owen. She tells Owen that Webber gave her the Grey-Sloan Innovation Contest. Owen thought that April wouldn’t want to be in charge of it because that means she won’t be able to compete. This makes April realize that Webber handed it off so he could still compete. April finds Webber and tells him that she thinks he is fully capable of running this contest. Webber simply says ‘no’ followed by ‘finders keepers.’

peeping mer

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A pregnant lady is wheeled into the ER and April points them to OB. Karen says she isn’t due for another three weeks and believes this is false labor, but Arizona is supposed to meet her here, as a fetal surgeon. Karen doesn’t want to question God, but points out that the design of the female anatomy wasn’t a great idea when it comes to childbirth. April goes to give her a pelvic exam and feels the baby’s head. She doesn’t want her baby to be born without her husband present, so she starts to freak out. April calls out for someone to find Arizona.

Ben brings Tuck and Tuck’s friend to the hospital because today is a teacher work day, so there’s no school. Ben was supposed to sign Tuck up for a science camp, but he forgot, and he has a ride along with the fire station today. Bailey is annoyed with her husband ‘failing to find childcare’ but lets him go. After Ben leaves, Maggie walks up, and Bailey tells her that Tuck was supposed to be at science camp today. Maggie is disappointed on Tuck’s behalf because she loved science camp. She excitedly decides that she’s going to make her own science camp for the boys.

tuck off school

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April delivers Karen’s baby while Helm freaks out over the concept of childbirth. Karen’s husband finally shows up, and it’s April’s ex-fiancé, Matthew.

karen labor

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Amelia tells Meredith that it looks like Paul just has a severe concussion. Alex and Jo look over and see Paul’s fiancée, Jenny. Jo suddenly realizes that Jenny probably did it. Jo wants to talk to Jenny, but Alex advises against it, saying it’d look like they conspired to do this.

When DeLuca comes to take Karen’s baby, Ruby, to the NICU ward, he remarks that Karen reminds him of April, which annoys April. She finds Jackson and tells him that Matthew is here. When he finds out she delivered his baby, he remarks that that’s comically ironic. The conversation switches to the Grey Sloan Innovation Contest, and April tries to hand it over, saying clearly Jackson would be the perfect fit for judge. Jackson asks why it’s hers to give now, and she says Webber gave it to her. Last Jackson heard, Bailey was going to be in charge. Of course, Jackson only anonymously funded this contest so he could compete, sincere, as and Avery, he’s excluded from submitting to the Harper Avery awards.

A young man, David Roman, is rushed into the ER after ‘attempted suicide.’ He claims it wasn’t attempted suicide. He was trying to cut off his right hand because it was causing him to sin (*masturbate).

david er

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Maggie teaches the kids about chemical reactions.


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Karen asks if there are any updates on their baby, Ruby. April hasn’t heard anything but assures them that Arizona would have updated them if anything were wrong. No news is good news. Karen stares at April a little too long, and April starts to explain her side of the story with her relationship with Matthew. Karen cuts her off, saying it’s just nice to put a face to the name.

Ben calls in a GSW (gunshot wound) and Bailey, Jackson and April meet the ambulance outside. A twelve year old black boy, Eric, was shot in the neck while climbing through the window of his own house. The police assumed he was breaking and entering. The officer who shot is at the station being questioned. The police at the hospital are insisting on keeping the boy handcuffed, but Jackson tells them to take them off.


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Jenny finds Jo and thanks her for running down Paul. Jo tells Jenny that it wasn’t her, and Jenny says she was in the hotel all night. They decide it was an avenging angel. Jenny explains how this situation happened. She’s baffled that this happened to her when she’s so smart, but claims it happened so slowly. Her ‘circle’ of support got smaller and smaller until all she had was Paul. She says he convinced her that she was crazy and that it was her fault. Jo says Jenny believed him because he was good to her in the beginning. She points out that they aren’t stupid and they didn’t fall in love with someone who beat them. They fell in love with a man who made them feel loved. “The good outweighed the bad, until it didn’t.”

jenny tells the truth

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David says he was following God’s Word by cutting off his hand. April reminds him that the Bible also says that his body should be a temple, and that God never gives us more than we can handle.

Jackson wants to get a CT of Eric, but April says the amount is radiation is risky for a twelve year old. Their only other option is to operate blind, which Bailey doesn’t want to do. Eric’s family comes in, and his mom asks what happened. Eric says he forgot his key. He was reaching for his phone to call his mom when the officer shot him. His father, of course, is beyond livid.


erics mom

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A nurse finds April to inform her that Karen is complaining about pain. When April gets to Karen, Karen says that it’s nothing, but the monitors show that Karen’s heart is racing from it. Karen gives in and says that her vagina hurts. It’s clear that she feels awkward being in this situation in front of her husband’s ex-fiancée. She has a blood clot on her vulva, and April offers to drain it. Karen asks to change the subject, and April asks how she met Matthew. April points out the weirdness here, and Karen says that God never gives us more than we can handle.

Jackson glances over at an officer standing outside of the CT room. He sarcastically comments on how the officer is there to protect them from a handcuffed twelve year old. When April says he’s just doing his job, Jackson asks if she’d say the same thing about the officer who shot the kid. From her time in the military, she knows sometimes soldiers shoot out of stress, before even knowing what they shot. She thinks that’s different, however, because that’s a war zone and this was an upper class neighborhood. Jackson says that those neighborhoods can be the worst places for ‘us.’ He recalls a time when he was detained just walking home with speakers. The CT results show that Eric should be fine.

April and Matthew argue with an ER nurse who hasn’t moved Karen to a room yet. When the nurse leaves to find someone, April and Matthew make small talk. The says that Karen is the love of his life, like Jackson is the love of April’s life. Awkward. He asks about their baby, but he doesn’t mean Harriet. He means their son, Samuel, who was stillborn. He says God took the pain of their breakup and turned it into something beautiful.

Amelia examines Paul and tells him that he should at least stay 24 hours for observation. Meredith thinks that they should let Paul leave if he wants to leave. Jenny and Jo walk in, and Amelia tells Jenny to talk sense into him before she leaves to check on other patients. Paul is angry that Jo tried to poison Jenny’s mind while he was unconscious, and he tells Jenny to get his things so they can leave. Jenny says that she is going to press charges on him. He tries to persuade her to stay, but when it doesn’t work, he becomes infuriated. He tries to stand up to attack her, but he hits his head into the end of the bed and slams to the floor, losing consciousness. Meredith checks his pulse and says to get a crash cart because he’s not breathing.

paul wants to leave

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Webber shows his intern how he plans on repairing David’s wrist. The intern asks why Carina, an OB, is consulting with David. Webber says the psych consult was taking too long. Carina gives David an informative talk about all of the positive effects of masturbation. She says that God gave humans reproductive organs, but he also gave them pleasure centers. She doesn’t think God would have designed us that way on accident.

It’s possible that Paul’s second concussion has left him braindead, but Amelia wants to observe him first before pronouncing it. She asks Jo if she’s comfortable talking to Jenny about her options. She has to decide whether or not she wants to keep him on life support. Meredith stops them and reminds them that this is actually Jo’s decision to make, since she’s still legally Paul’s wife. Jo bursts out in laughter and then becomes emotional.

hysterical jo

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Karen is in pain again and April rushes to help. Karen’s blood pressure is elevated and her abdomen is tender. Arizona shows up, too, after being MIA due to an emergency surgery on another patient.

April hears beeping, and Eric is rushed to the OR. Once in the OR, April asks how she can help, but they don’t need her. She walks out and sees the OR board says that Karen is in surgery. April rushes over there, and Arizona says she’s bleeding out. April goes to the Chapel to pray. Matthew is there, but leaves when he sees April. April sits in a pew and cries.

april cries in chapel

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Meredith finds out that Paul’s hit-and-run driver was a random drunk man. Jenny and Jo discuss what happens if they keep him plugged in. Jo says his body would shut down fairly quickly. Jenny had really wanted to take him to court and humiliate him. Jo asks if he still doesn’t drink or smoke. When Jenny says he doesn’t, Jo says she knows what to do.

Arizona reviews Jenny’s files and finds out that Jenny’s BP is usually low, so when doctors were checking on her, her BP appeared normal, but it was elevated for her.

April looks through a window and sees Jackson and Bailey telling Eric’s family that he has died. Jackson walks up, confronting the officer at the hospital. He says they need to adjust their protocols and bias. Jackson storms off and the officer asks April for a statement. She says “A little boy was at home when your fellow officer shot and killed him. You can’t just be out there, shooting people, because you’re afraid. How am I supposed to have any faith in a system like that?”

In reflection of today, Bailey and Ben decide it’s time to give Tuck ‘the talk.’ That night, they show him how to put his hands behind his head and calmly answer questions the police might ask. Bailey tells him that he needs to say what he’s doing before he moves. Ben chimes in, saying to remember to be polite and respectful and never ever run. His only goal is to get home safely.

teaching tuck

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Webber updates April that David should make a complete recovery with some rehab. David has some questions for April, however, as a Christian. He asks if she believes God created the world in seven days or if she believes in evolution. She explains how she believes in both. He asks about Jonah, and she believes that story is just a story inspired by God. He says a Bible verse and April contradicts it, saying the things you do have to be within reason. He needs April to tell him how he’s supposed to know what to do if the Word of God is just a bunch of stories not to be taken too literally.

Jo and Jenny watch from the gallery while Meredith harvests Paul’s organs. Jo says that Paul was awful in life, but in death he gets to do all of this good.

harvesting organs

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April asks Helm about Paul’s concussion, and Helm informs her that he died. April is in shock. Arizona comes up and April learns that Karen also died.

April’s voice-over returns, asking if it was worth it to be a faithful servant, or if it would have been better for Job to curse God’s name from the beginning. April drinks at the bar when she is approached by a cute intern. She downs her drink and takes him home.

april and intern

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