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Ballers Season Finale Review – “There’s No Place Like Home, Baby”

Spencer sets it all aflame on the #BallersHBO season finale.
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In a season filled with turmoil, Spencer plays his last and final hand and it is a doozy.

While ASM has been a partnership in name and paper, Spencer has treated Joe more like an accessory than a true business partner. While Joe has been hustling, trying to grow SportsX legitimately, Spencer has played fast and loose with the rules. Leaving Joe out in the cold regarding his plan to sue the NCAA, Joe only finds out from a third-party. The betrayal cuts deep-and when Joe confronts Spencer, the physical push Spence gives him feels pretty permanent.

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As Joe and Spencer part ways, Spencer puts additional kindling on the flames of his NCAA vendetta. And by this time, it is a vendetta. Spence is avenging his brother, Quincy and all the nameless/faceless athletes taken advantage of by the corrupt, powerful and extremely white male NCAA. Step 1: sue them. Step 2: roast them in the media. Step 3: watch it all burn. The path is clear and Spencer is running it.

Courtesy of HBO

While ASM is imploding, Charles is flying high. Signing Ricky and Kesan was a coup for the Rams’s off season…until Ricky confessed his use of PEDs to him. The look of confusion and betrayal on Charles’s face is enough to shred the last vestige of trust between the two friends. As Charles holds an introductory press conference lauding their newest free agent signing, Ricky looks surprised and pleased…until Charles brings Kesan up and fixes Ricky with a glare that could peel paint.

The final scenes of this season’s Ballers showed Spencer resigning from ASM, leaving a shell-shocked Joe gobsmacked. Spencer’s finale: getting Quincy’s eligibility reinstated and watching Q commit to USC. For a brief moment, his avenging was worth it.

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