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Episode Synopsis: 

While Red and Carol scheme against Frieda, Suzanne watches Frieda’s back. Lorna swears her allegiance to Barb as Nicky works to thwart another plot.


Drug Pact- Shockingly, after the last episode, Hopper decided to get in on Aleida’s plan to sell drugs to the inmates and help Daya out. I for sure thought that he was going to break up with her and maybe even send her back to jail; but what she said to him, stuck. I’m just interested now to see how long this goes on and if they can get away with it.

Kickball leader- Well, Madison was super annoying in this episode, like she usually is, and I felt bad for Piper. All she wants to do, is have friendly games of kickball with the other inmates, but Madison had to take everything to heart. She has to take control, and it’s a little worrying to see her try to sabotage Pipper’s chances of getting out of jail. What I did love, was that even though she tried to get kickball disbanded, by knocking out an inmate, the guards still decided to keep it running, because it would up their points in fantasy inmate.

Operation Frieda- A lot of planning was going on by several inmates, and first of all, Carol and Red were trying to plan their murder on Frieda. I hate that Red still wants to hurt her friend, and I hope that she comes to her senses at some point. But while the two are planning against Frieda, Barb is planning her revenge on her sister. Barb and her gang had decided to attack Carol and her gang, while they were in the salon, but since Nicky is still attached to Red, and still sees her as a mother figure, she tries to warn her. Things turn out ok in the end, but I’m nervous for Nicky now, because she’s trailing on thin ice, even though Barb believes that she didn’t do anything. And lastly, I just have to mention, that I hate that Lorna is all of sudden so committed to Barb. Red did nothing to her, so why would she not care about Red getting hurt? And what has Barb done for Lorna, that has made her appreciate her so much?

Sleuths- Well, while Carol and Red plan Frieda’s demise, Frieda herself, is letting Suzanne and Tiffany snoop around Florida to figure out who might want to hurt her. Obviously, nothing really gets accomplished, but they do find one person who might be a suspect, and funnily enough, they were right. Also, it’s really weird seeing Suzanne and Tiffany be all chummy with each other, but I kind of like it. It’s an unlikely pairing.

Caputo- I was feeling so bad for Caputo in this episode. He’s trying his hardest to get justice for Taystee, and it hasn’t been easy. In this episode, he decided to confide in Sophia, and from the get go, it didn’t look promising. And of course, Linda had to pry, and make things worse, by offering Sophia a deal. Sadly, MCC won’t get sued any time soon, and it’s a total bummer.

Testimony- Ugh, this storyline killed me. Cindy is having a really hard time giving up her secret about what she saw in the pool area, and I just want her to let it all out to Taystee so badly. She did finally let it loose to her attorney, but sadly, she was told to stick to her original story. It’s just so infuriating, because Cindy could have helped Taystee out, if she had told the truth in the beginning. And seeing her lie in front of the jury and in front of her friend, was terrible.

Apology- Maria and Gloria crossed paths after what seems like forever, and unfortunately, their issues didn’t get patched up. I don’t really blame Gloria, because Maria did go behind her back, and it was hard for me to decide, whether or not I felt bad for Maria or not. She was trying to turn herself around, but I don’t know if that’s in her blood. She was doing well, but when Hoffler told her that she was the one that tried to drown her in the toilet, that was the last straw. You can’t really blame her. You can’t really forgive someone that easily, for trying to drown you for no reason. I don’t know what direction Maria is going to go in now, but she’s probably going to stay away from prayer circles in the future.


Finally, we have to talk about that final scene. That was intense! Everything about that scene, gave me chills. The music was spot on and eery, and the fact that Carol and Barb have to share a cell now, is going to be fascinating. How is their first reaction going to be towards each other, and not seeing each other for how long? It’s going to be a blood bath.