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Fresh Off the Boat’s Season 5 Premiere Hit Us In the FEELS

We weren’t ready for Fresh Off the Boat to drop so many bombs straight out of the gate. All these changes will shake up the show and lead to <hopefully> new plotlines, but we sometimes miss the good old days when the boys where young and the show was more eccentric (it still is, and they still are, but that flashback montage in a series premiere? Feels.)

Eddie’s denial and the emotional closing scene on his and Nicole’s friendship was so well structured for a goodbye to one of our favorite characters that we made audible “aww” sounds when she said she told him she left at 3 and not 5 because it always takes him too long to come around. How they will fill the void she will be leaving we don’t know, but season 4 was her season to shine and she did, and we hope she makes cameos down the line. A moment of silence for one of our favorite coming out stories and out of the park representation. Love Simon who?

Fresh Off the Boat – ABC

Jessica’s book flopping was sad, and Louis buying the RV right away while their communication crumbled was an intenseley uncomfortable storyline to watch, but having her binge read Harry Potter as it was overshadowing her book was hilarious. We are curious to see what Jessica’s next big project will be — we had the real estate agent focus and the book, while the family grew up and the boy’s are more independent, so we are staying tuned for the next Jessica arc.

Fresh Off the Boat – ABC

The show has already gone beyond our expectations, and season 5 was fully unexpected for us (and we are glad we were wrong!), so we are grateful for anything we get, but we wish they’d stop with the 90’s star cameos and celebrity guests– we want character development as the boy’s grow and to watch this family of fascinating characters grow with all the cutting wit and dramatic antics that make the show gold. So next time let Kareem take his nap and give us more Evan and Emery!

Fresh Off the Boat – ABC

*No offense to Kareem or Jaleel, they delivered the comedy where they were supposed to, and it was nice to see them, but it eats up time and budget from other things we want to see!

So don’t miss all new Fresh Off the Boat on its new time: FRIDAYS AT 8! This week js more of a family focus, but FRIDAY the 19th is the HALLOWEEN SPECIAL, and you the holiday episodes are can’t miss!

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