Another day in the diamond is an episode that shows Madison and companies life after the dam, and before the others found Morgan’s group. Madison and company have been staying in a baseball stadium for 365 days now. They have a strange girl I don’t at all recognize, she has been lost from her family it seems, her name is Charlie and she is asking way too many questions. What is wrong with the crops? How much food is in the pantry? If something happened and they only had what was inside how long could they last? What she was asking I didn’t find typical, I found to be worrisome, but Nick only thought that someone her age didn’t need to worry about such things.

Madison has enlisted the help of Strand, Alicia and Luciana to help look for Charlie’s family outside of the safe zone. Strand has kept a piece of the dam in his pocket, seems as a reminder. Nick stays inside to deal with his crops and weevils. It seems he never goes outside the walls. Charlie pointed in a direction that the others will search, Nick asks Luciana to try to find Charlie a new book. In the town, Strand and Luciana start in one part of town, while Madison and Alicia go further in. At the store, Strand and Luciana see that everything is gone, even the light bulbs. Madison and Alicia see a flag of sorts with a big number on it on top of a tank, numbered 457. Madison and Alicia can’t seem to figure out what it might mean. Both groups talk to each other on the radio, neither side has seen any survivors but also haven’t seen any walkers either.

Back at the stadium, Charlie was turning off the radio when Nick comes by to see what she is doing. She says nothing and they go to work on something else. Madison is snuck up on from behind at gunpoint. Madison hits the radio button three times which is obviously a code that they are in danger as the others come storming to the tanks. The outsider tries to leave, but is met by the others. She backtracks up the stairs to the top of the tanks, Alicia says they will give up the guns and will give up the truck if she needs it. She keeps backing up but ends up falling into the hole at the top of the tank. Madison jumps into the tank to save her, she yells for others to open the hatch. The tank is full of walkers, the two fight off the walkers inside, Alicia and Strand are able to get the hatch open as muck and walkers pour out. Between all of them fighting walkers inside and out they are able to save the stranger.

The strangers name is Naomi, she says she wasn’t from around here, she just happened to stay last night, she has been on the road from the beginning. Madison invites her to join their group because nobody is lost until they are gone. The walkers in the other tanks are making lots of noise after hearing the commotion, and it’s night so Luciana says they need to go now. Back at the stadium Nick hears some music, he wants to go out and see where that music is coming from. Nobody wants to help him go out, so he asks Charlie to open the gate for him which she does. Nick is having some huge PTSD flashbacks in the truck, he gets surrounded by walkers, freaks out, punches it and runs the truck right into the only light pole in the parking lot. The guard on the gate shoots some walkers so Nick can walk back, the others arrive when Nick is walking back. Inside, Madison and Naomi talk about their situations, and size each other up how neither side knows each other.

Nick and a couple others go out to get the truck, Luciana is on the wall and she notices something disturbing and tells them to ditch the truck and get inside now. A bunch of vehicles are approaching and turn their lights on. They have some cars, trucks, campers, the stadium gets all their weapons ready for a fight. The group spreads out, one guy in a car gets out and gets on his bike with a radio, he rides around and leads a bunch of walkers to a truck, someone else opens the back and a ramp, the bike guy drives his bike inside leading the walkers in. He climbs out the front, gets a sheet and tapes it up to the truck and spray paints the number of walkers inside.


Nothing as relaxing as an Apocalypse. Photo Credit: Fear the Walking Dead/AMC

After the walkers are put away a number of people get comfortable, setting up lawn chairs, and even some pull out some coolers and some beers. Nothing says beer thirty like capturing up some walkers. Madison goes out to talk to this guy, she says that they have a lot of people with a lot of guns. Madison thinks that they killed the other group, the stranger says they didn’t do that, they were just there to clean up the mess. He said the other group didn’t listen, that it was a bad idea to build by the tanks and if one of the valves seized they would be in trouble.

Tonight isn’t about the other group though, he knows that they have a mess on their hands. Weevils are a real bitch to get rid of, he tells Madison to tell Nick he might have to replace all the crops, the girl ended up being a spy. He apologizes to the girl for being behind schedule, it took so long for them to clear all the fallen on the road so they would have time to talk uninterrupted in the parking lot. He tells Madison he knows they are good people, this can go either one of two ways. They can give his group all their stuff, they can even join them if they want, or they will wait them out as they try to fix their problems and will take their stuff after they all die. The guy introduces himself as Mel.

A day passes, maybe more, you see that the number on the tarp on the truck has been crossed off and updated. Madison is working on a room for Naomi. Luciana goes out and leaves a book for “Charlie” as Nick asked. The crops are crap and the weevils are winning.


I thought I was the only one who liked the number 51. Photo Credit: Richard Foreman Jr. AMC

We end up back to present day, Morgan says they are not who they think they are. Strand and Alicia are going through items in the bags. Luciana comes out from the truck and says that they are with them. Morgan’s group has the flag numbered 51 they found on the side of the road. They say they have no idea whose flag that is, who made that, what did they do? Strand says the group is called the Vultures. Alicia says if you didn’t make this then show us where you found it. So everyone agrees and they all pack into the transport.