Game Stats:
Name: Endeavor Eleven
Published: 1984
Publisher: John Ambrose Games Inc.
Players: 2-6 players, the more the better.
Age: 11+
Time: 60 – 90 minutes.


Photo Source: Timothy The Game of Nerds

Game play:
The object is to win the most money by the end of play.

Players decide how many turns around the board they will play, and the game will end when the last person has passed the entrance.

Players can win money by placing different bets as they land on spaces on the board. Players roll dice on their turn to move, then decide if they want to place a bet on the game where they landed. There are eleven different games with some playing against the house and some playing against other players. While mostly games of chance with dice, there is a horse racing component that is very entertaining and exciting.


This game relies mostly on chance but has the opportunity to use strategy to make calculated risks to try and win big. The challenge is learning when to take the calculated risks and hoping you don’t lose your bet. The gamebard is rather complex, with the descriptions of each game allocated to the space, and the middle of the board devoted to the horse racing tack.

Skip poker night and bring the horse racing tracks right to you with this wonderful game where it’s as difficult to keep your luck as it is your money.


Photo Source: Timothy The Game of Nerds