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Happy 19th Birthday, Hercules!

That’s right, folks! Last week marked the 19th anniversary of the cult classic, Disney’s Hercules. To celebrate, Disney released a Side-by-Side video showcasing the famous Zero to Hero number alongside the original storyboard version.

And yes, those are actual actresses doing parallel choreography meant for cartoon characters; because Disney is excessive and we all love it.

Seeing this video has given new hope to fans who long for a live-action remake of the hero’s adventures. If Disney could produce the masterpiece above as a “rough-draft” almost 20 years ago, imagine what they could do today.

No live-action remake has been announced, though, so let’s review some of the best moments from the iconic film:

1. Trigger Warning: Hades

GIF Source: thestarksfell.tumblr.com

2. Won’t Say I’m In Love

GIF source: zip-adee-doo-da.tumblr.com

Yep. It’s been 19 years and we’re still struggling to get this one out of our heads.

3. Megara’s Sass.

GIF Source: mischiefmanagedsite.wordpress.com

Step down, Elsa, Megara was (and still is) the strongest, most independent Disney girl to ever have graced the screens.

4. The Muses

GIF source: mariquitachara.tumblr.com

You could sit there and pretend that you don’t wish these ladies narrated your life through song. Or you could tell the truth.

5. Go the Distance

GIF Source: Buzzfeed.com

That song you STILL use to motivate yourself.

6. That Time Hades Got Too Real

GIF Source: TGON

“He’s a GUY!”

7. When Disney Confused Mythology

GIF Source: GIPHY.com

Actually, Orpheus was the one who ventured into the underworld to bring his lover back, but hey, this was a good way to end the movie.

8. That Time Megara Showed Us It’s Ok To Be Wrong

GIF Source: buzzfeed.com

Cries for 19 years

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