When Season 1 ended with Doctor Aaron Glassman and Shaun Murphy entering Marcus Andrews office, my heart froze. My mind numbed. The rollercoaster of emotions came to a screeching halt. But I knew they had season 2 in the bag. I am so glad for it’s return. Airing Monday, September 24 at 10 PM, 9 Central on ABC, the promos and commercials have been driving me up a wall. Let’s go ahead and check out some things I’ve noticed, and hopes for the season.

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Source: American Broadcasting Company for The Good Doctor.

Looks like Dr. Andrews did not fire Shaun right away, or at least had some questions about the accident. In case you forgot, Shaun made an error during surgery. Because it was caught early and fixed, some of the residents said not to go to Andrews, but instead Shaun and Glassman approached Andrews. Taking it back to the first episode, remember Glassman staked his job as President on Shaun being able to perform well at San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital. But it looks like Andrews is impressed Shaun’s skills. He is concerned about the lack of personal skills. There also seems to be some tension about people putting their careers before medical mistakes, and that will not fly at the hospital.


Source: American Broadcasting Company for The Good Doctor.

Remember last season Resident Jared Kalu was fired for fighting another doctor, who had made unwanted advances to his crush and fellow resident Claire Browne. He sued the hospital to get his job back. Andrews made is very clear when Jared returned, how he viewed the use of racial discrimination when it wasn’t the case. “It makes us take one step back in the fight.” Since then, I know Jared has been working hard to prove himself as an asset to the team. I hope he sticks around. And I hope Claire will find a way to find love, even if it’s not with Jared.

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Source: American Broadcasting Company for The Good Doctor.

Most of the preview also talks about Glassman’s cancer. It questions how much worth Glassman has on himself if he cannot be a doctor or a smart man. Remember, last season wrapped up with the reveal Aaron has cancer, though it’s not as aggressive as first assumed. He does have a fighting chance. And when Shaun drops the line “You can be my friend” in the preview, it reminded me of the rift last season ended with between Murphy and Glassman. Glassman trying to control Shaun, but only smothering him, and finally trying to step away and just be a friend. I hope they mend their friendship quickly in the series. Those two need each other.

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Source: American Broadcasting Company for The Good Doctor.

The rest just showed flashes of faces, showing the return of quite a few faces, which is very exciting, Doctor Neil Melendez, Alex Park and Morgan Reznick to just to name a few. I am glad, as Park is a tough and tumble, hard core doctor with a lot of training as a cop, while Morgan was cutting throats with a pretty face. I think both had a lot of room to grow, much like Claire and Jared did in the first Season. I am so excited for the season, I keep wiggling my foot like a dog’s tail. If it’s anything like last season, I do not sure if my heart will make it. I promise if I cry, it will be the first line I write in my reviews. I do hope to continue the medical review at the end of the episodes, because they were quite fun last season.

I hope you all will enjoy the journey I am sure Season 2 will provide us, it airs Monday, September 24 at 10 PM, 9 Central on ABC.

And please feel free to comment or review my reviews, as I do this for you all and want to grow just as much as these characters in the series. I also plan to be more active on social media, so if you wanna find me, I have a twitter and a facebook already, but if you ever wanna comment here, too I do respond. And thank you all for last year, and here’s to another great season.