The new villain, who we know to be Martha now, gets her backstory shown finally. It appears that she was driving, and somehow with no walkers around crashed the car. Her husband was impaled by the metal barrier and was bleeding big time. She kept saying that someone would come and help, 3 vehicles fly on by and leaves her by herself. A walker comes out of the woods, and approaches very fast, Martha finds a rake that one of the trucks that passed her dropped and uses it to kill the walker. She can’t find any help and as expected her husband dies. She is forced to kill him as a walker and she buries him at night in the field. She uses her bare hands to dig into the ground, she talks to herself and she loses her mind. She sleeps by the grave all night and I don’t think any walkers come.

At some point she gets back among the living, one of the truckers stops because it is mile marker 54 who drops one of the help boxes, she comes up from behind and corrects her grammar, saying she was an English teacher and it drove her friends crazy. The trucker thanks her for her help, and says she can take what she wants, they put these every 10 miles. Martha says that she doesn’t help and stabs the lady in her neck, Martha uses the dead walker to kill the next trucker. She keeps this up for a total of 5 truckers, at the last trucker she is looking for information on who started it all, ‘polar bear’. After killing the trucker, she gets on the radio and ends up making contact with Morgan who was at the rest stop trying to find out how he got there.

We get back to current time, people are a bit banged up from all the bullets. Al makes a run for the truck, June tries to stop her, Martha takes a shot towards Al and she is stunned, Martha uses walker Quinn to try to kill June, however Martha won’t shoot Morgan because she says he has potential. Wendell’s wheel chair is busted, but he is able to drag himself to the back of the truck and hits Martha with a shotgun blast in the chest, the truck’s engine catches fire, it ends up blowing up the entire truck, the boxes, the beer stuff it’s all lost. Walkers are coming with all of the noise, and Martha says they will finish the job, it’s what they do. Wendell tries to shoot Martha again but misses.

Alicia and Charlie catch up to the truck carnage and see a destroyed truck and dead walkers with no sign of anyone. Charlie wants to know how this could happen, while Alicia says they could be anywhere so she is picking east. Later on they have made it to mile marker 108, very far away, Alicia tells Charlie they are not looking for the others, she is taking her to Galvanstin to the beach. She said that Charlie has never been so she is going to take her because that’s something she knows she can do.

Back with Morgan and company, they made a makeshift sled for Wendell with a strap and some cardboard and sledding him down the road. The walkers are coming up and building up fast on the road. Jim thinks they should keep going away from the things trying to eat them, but June thinks they need to stop so she can check on everyone and Morgan sees a hospital in the distance.

They make it to the hospital and inside, June has fixed up Sarah and Wendell, Jim is fine, and she is ready to look at Morgan. Morgan sees the front and the buildup and knows that the door won’t hold for long and they will have to move. Wendell, Sarah and Al are talking, Al is asking all sorts of questions, shocker, she asks how he got into that state, he has found a use able chair now. He says that at 10, a kid kicked a ball into the street and went for it. The kid didn’t see the car, but he did, Wendell went to save him but got hurt, the kid got up but he didn’t.

After that he wanted to help people even more, he went to the marines when he was old enough to enlist, but he got laughed out of the room, Sarah quit the marines because she didn’t like their code of conduct after Wendell was rejected.

The walkers win and push their way in, with no options for an easy escape, Morgan has them go up. Floors 2 and 3 are to over run so they end up on floor 4 the top floor. The group looks to see if other stairwells are use able to get down, one was locked as whoever was their before was throwing the dead inside, the other one you can’t get to because the roof has caved in. The barricade on the main stairwell can only hold for so long. Morgan says they need to get to the roof and will need to use the elevator, they can figure out how to get down from the roof later. June knows that the generators were on the top floor of most hospitals in case of flooding, so June and Sarah go to find the generator room. Jim and Morgan are on the move as well, 3 walkers attack Morgan who tells Jim to stay put. Jim is attacked by a walker, he screams for Morgan’s help. Jim is able to fight the walker after a scrap and is ale to log his first walker kill.

At the generator, a lot of walkers are approaching fast, Al tells Sarah to go be with her brother, a time will come when she can’t but it’s not today. She tells her this decision is harder than you think and just go. The barricade doesn’t hold and Luciana, June and Wendell get on the radio and say they are on the move. The rest all head and meet at the elevator hoping that Al can get the power on. Walkers are coming in fast on both sides, Morgan tells everyone to get ready to fight. Al is able to get the power on and everyone makes it to the roof besides Al of course. Sarah calls Al on the radio and she doesn’t respond. Luciana tells Sarah it’s OK, that Al is smart and resourceful and will find a way to the roof. The fire escape is out from the roof.

June sees some blood on Jim and goes to clean his wound, Jim thought it was glass, but it ends up being a walker bite on his back. Jim is stunned asks June to do something and she obviously can’t. Jim says he has beer to make, Jim asks how long it takes and it’s another question that nobody knows. Morgan tells June that he asked him to help him with that walker, June says that he saved him as long as he could, she also told him that Al will make it back. She asks Morgan what’s next and he laughs and says, “you’re asking me?” June says you got us here, can you get us out? Morgan says that the thing is he can’t, but June says you will.

Charlie and Alicia are looking for the beach. Charlie says that they should have kept looking for everyone. Alicia thought that getting Charlie to the beach would be good. She needs something to be good, Charlie says she needs something to be good too. Charlie hears water and goes to look, they find a big body of water that Charlie is confused about as it’s not on the map. Charlie is overly excited that it’s a beach, Alicia will take this win even if it’s not true. Charlie sees something in the water.


Charlie found John’s hat in the water. Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Charlie tells Alicia to look across the water and smiles. Alicia looks and smiles herself and says, “holy shit.”