Our ragtag group of heroes are still on the hunt for each other, while trying not to be hunted by a total crazy person. Al, June and Morgan, go to look for Quinn, June says he was recently passed mile marker 20 so he should be close. The crazy person starts talking to them on the radio, Morgan ends up recognizing the voice, she says that the help boxes are making people weak. Morgan used to be strong, and she can help him again, Al knows that this lady has the van now, because she must have watched Morgan’s tape.


Strand and John Dory have found themselves stranded on a random island because of the hurricane. It is infested with an alligator we have named, as heard on Talking Dead, Mr. Pickles! Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Luciana is out still trying to find Charlie, she decides to check the library. She can’t find her so she keeps walking around town, until she sees a walker going after a car, Luciana knew someone had to be inside. Inside is a trapped man who got into a car accident, the guys name is Clayton, his leg is all sorts of mangled. Sadly, the accident and placement of car is the only thing keeping him alive. Luciana is sad that she cant save him, so instead she asks if she can find anyone for him, if anyone is looking for him. He replies that only one person will be looking for him, but it’s the one person in the world who he doesn’t want to see. He says he would love to have one last beer though, and Luciana says he will have that beer, they both have a radio and Clayton tells her to use channel 17, nobody uses it. How would he know you think?

Morgan and company go back to leaving boxes on the road, but Morgan adds a new spin on the boxes. ‘If you need help. VHF channel 4′. Luciana is still out looking for beer, she comes across some car garages, and some random bottles on the street, she finds only root beer. Her and Clayton keep contact over the radios, Clayton is very appreciative of the attempt by Luciana, he tells her a story, “their was a time he didn’t want to be around anyone. So he found a job that took him away from the world and everyone he knew about or cared about. When the world changed and everyone went away, he made the biggest mistake of his life. He couldn’t help the people he ran away from, so he found a way to help the people that were still around. He continued, just because you wasn’t able to help him, doesn’t mean she won’t be able to help someone else.’ This guy is another gem! Sad to see him in this state.

Luciana ends up coming across one of the help boxes, she looks inside, she sees the note left by Morgan and she keeps looking. Inside the boxes contents is a beer, sweet sweet beer! Luciana comes back to Clayton, she gives the beer to Clayton and he is in so much heaven! The beer was cold, she found a first aid kit that had a ice pack inside and she used it to make his beer cold! He asks if he can give her something, he tells her that some notebooks with information on where he left supplies and things that, well she will just read about it. She asks him the job, the job that took him away from everyone was what? He told her that he was a truck driver!


We know this is Polar Bear! Even if Lucian doesn’t. Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

As mentioned in the picture, Strand and John found themselves in a pickle, John tries to make a raft of wood, his plan is to float across the water and past the alligator. Sadly his first attempt doesn’t stay afloat, Strand shows no support but to laugh. John has to shoot an alligator to get back to shore. John insists he will be able to make it off the island and find June. A little time later, having to regroup, John sees a truck stuck up on an embankment, John can’t get to it himself so he asks Strand to help him retrieve the camper shell from the back. He insists this will hold unlike the logs. Strand is going to get the camper shell, but inside he sees a walker and a bottle of alcohol. He stupidly decides to try to reach inside to get it, and the walker is able to get a hold of his arm and pull him inside, the momentum sends the truck down the hill. By dumb luck, the walker gets a piece of wood through his head and Strand gets a bottle of victory whisky.

John still believes, but Strand doesn’t, John tells Strand he has to believe, and fight for that next day. John tells Strand, that the battery had some juice left and he is able to rig the horn with the battery as a diversion. The plan is to lure walkers into the walkers, so the alligator goes and gets the walkers as they enter the water and they can safely float across. John convinces Strand to come with him, so Strand decides to go with him, they start the slow journey across with the water, the walkers are getting drawn out by the horn, and the alligator is eating them up. Unfortunately the battery fails and the alligator comes for them and knocks up the raft. It causes some holes and water is leaking inside, the pair is left exposed in the middle, they can’t get to the other side, so they are left with only one option, John has to shoot his gun in the air a few times, to draw walkers back to the water, so they can retreat back to their own shore. Back on shore, Strand goes back to drink, while John eats a piece of candy he originally was sure he would be able to give back to June.

Back in town, Clayton passes, and Luciana makes a brick shrine for him with beer bottle on the top. She gets on the radio, to channel 4 and says, whoever you are that left that box, thank you, it helped more than you know. Morgan responds back asking if that is Luciana on the other end! Luciana ends up back with the rest, Morgan is reading the notebooks that Clayton had, Morgan asks Luciana if she told him where the beer came from, she said she didn’t. Another voice comes across the radio, it’s Charlie. Alicia is not happy thinking it’s a trap! Morgan responds back and Alicia asks confused, “Morgan?” Morgan asks where they are, which is mile marker 84. The truck is north and says they will turn around for them.

The weirdo voice comes back on, says they had a chance to be strong. Morgan says they are all getting stronger by helping people. They will get all their people back, and then they will help her. Al’s van is coming up hot! The crazy lady caught up to them, the lady tells Morgan that he loses people, and he loses himself, she pulls up next to the rig. Morgan realizes what she is doing and tells everyone to get down. The crazy lady unleashes bullets like crazy, Alicia asks Morgan if he is OK and we get no response…….