Well lets get right into season 3. It seems the events from season 2 have shaped this season. it has been a year since the events of season 2 and with Quigley in the crazy house, it seems there are new villains to take over her cause. Of course there is but who will it be and will it just be one? Lady Fitz is free of her brother and it seems like she is trying to become something of a voice for the women who become harlots. But at what cost? There are some new faces in town. Some of these new faces find themselves at Greek Street and Lucy seems to finally come into her own. Charlotte is taking on her mothers roll quite well with Nancy at the helm. No sign of Will and Jacob. But life goes on.

Never before seen characters enter Greek Street. Nancy is suspicious right away. But allows them entry. One of the newcomers take interest in Charlotte and she ends up servicing him and he becomes enamored or so she thinks. However, when morning comes she finds out the true nature of her guests. She learns that the man she lay with is trying to become her pimp and she is not happy about it. But in the end he forces her into it. And he stations 2 guards at the door to collect the money. Oh and Emily happens to be with one of the Pincher brothers.

Quigley sees a diamond in the rough, even while being tortured in the crazy home. Kate, was sent there by her family for having sex with a servant. And tries to befriend her and keep her sane. But it will only be to her own benefit or is she truly looking out for her own welfare. But the girl doesn’t want any part of it and tells Quigley to get lost.

Other newcomers who are trying to branch over into Soho are a woman and her son. She is trying to open up a house as well. And is seeking assistance from Mrs May. She negotiates a deal so that she can own a piece of Golden Square. The rest of the ladies are dealing with their own set of changes as well. Lady Fitz is disgracing herself or so the peerage think. Harriet is running her own house and is successful in doing so.

Not much happens this first episode. Other than Greek Street being commandeered by the Pincher brothers and now Charlotte must find a way to get her house back and has declared war against them. She starts by trying to tarnish them at their own tavern and getting Isaac arrested. Revenge is coming.  Everyone is trying to get ahead, including Lucy who wants to venture out on her own. Rumors are flying around about Lady Fitz and Sophia but she does not share the truth with her daughter which is beginning to cause a rift between them as we started to see in season 2. Personally I think she should just tell her about her father and be free of it. She doesn’t seem to care much about her reputation or speaking her mind but she is afraid of what, I wonder.

Lucy goes into business with the new lady and her son and Greet Street is set on fire by Isaac with Nancy and baby Kitty still inside. We have new alliances and new friendships budding in season 3 and it makes you wonder what will happen to the ladies of Covent Garden. Charles can’t seem to catch a break and now with Golden Square being sold off, he makes a break for it and leaves. And Quigley is back to her old tricks and is plotting to retrieve her beloved Golden Square.