You read the title correctly, today is a day celebrating video games in regard to all they signify and bring to people across the globe. This holiday first started sometime in the early 1990’s, although there was much confusion surrounding the event as to what purpose it served and what it was celebrating. While sources can’t agree on how this holiday started or even what day it should really be celebrated on, I want to remind everyone what really matters… we take the time today to recognize how wonderful video games are. Whether you choose to show off your love for a franchise, take a step back to play something really old (like a 16-bit RPG), make a game night with family/ friends, spread the love by giving one away as a gift or taking the time to learn more about the history in general, find a way to partake in the festivities.


Photo Source: Atari – Pong

Video Games have come a long way since Pong, not only seen as a flourishing industry, people all over the world describe it as an art form and have even taken things to another level with professional gaming (E-Sports). Numerous awards regarding different categories for video games have been established, with some companies dedicating their brand’s around discussing them. Furthermore, E-sports are becoming more popular on an international scale as a sporting phenomenon that reaches across the globe with multiple tournaments for multiple games. Overall, video games have never been more celebrated then they are today. A joy partaken by men and women of all ages, generations have passed their love  along through the years bringing us to this day of commemoration that builds upon itself each passing year.

Original King's Quest (random Clip)

Photo Source: King’s Quest 1 (Video Game – 1983) (Activision Blizzard)

King's Quest (Random Clip)

Photo Source: King’s Quest (Video Game – 2015) (Activision Blizzard)

Above are two pictures taken from the original and modern version of the revolutionary video game King’s Quest in which both releases were very popular. Upon comparison, video games have developed substantially over the years in terms of graphics and game-play. Offering beautiful, high quality or retro, bit, gamers are given an abundance of options for countless hours of fun no matter what their preferences might be. Once again, with all the options geared towards every-type of individual possible, video games prove to be a wonderful incorporation into the lives of those who wish to play (with healthy moderation).

In celebration of the holiday, I wanted to give a short list of my personal favorite video games although I would love to know what your favorites are too so please leave a comment listing them. (This list was created out of my personal opinion about the games I have played to completion)

SU (Save the Light)(National Video Games Day)

Photo Source: Cartoon Network – Steven Universe (Pearl and Amethyst Play Save The Light)

Top 5 Games Played, Conquered and Loved

  1. Tomb Raider 2013 (Square Enix)
  2. Child of Light (Ubisoft)
  3. Steven Universe: Save the Light (Cartoon Network)
  4. Cities: Skylines (Paradox Interactive)
  5. Deponia Series ( Daedalic Entertainment)

Hopefully, everyone has fun on this National Video Games Day and a quick reminder to always game safe. NOW GO HAVE FUN AND GAME ON!