A whole slew of trailers and teasers have been released by FX, and in true American Horror Story fashion they give us more questions than answers and we wouldn’t have it any other way. You can view the 2 major trailsers here and here.

Marketed as a crossover between Murder House and Coven (the shows respective first and third seasons) you likely won’t have time to binge either fully by the premiere if you haven’t already started. Even if you did it won’t answer all the questions you have, or prepare you for Sarah Paulson portraying a third, new character on top of reprising both of her characters from seasons 1 and 3 (she will also be directing at least one episode, whoch will feature Jessica Lange’s first return to the series since season 4’s “Freakshow”, portraying her season 1 character Constance). You can catch the whole list of returning cast members on Wikipedia, and while we are more excited for some than others, we were especially taken aback by Kathy Bates portraying a new character in the promo known as “Ms. Meade” who seems to be aligned with the now grown antichrist from Season 1 Michael Langden, portrayed by Cody Fern.

American Horror story- FX

As hyped as we are for the returning cast to reprise roles we love, we are most excited for the new and ever evolving cast of characters. Ties to other seasons aren’t out of the realm of possibility either, with some actors roles still currently unnamed to the public, and multiple teaser images posted to the official American Horror Story social media pages that feature post-apocalyptic snapshots of various iconic AHS locations, such as the Hotel Cortez.

From the American Horror Story Official Facebook

The show has a lot of ground to cover and we expect them to hit the ground running with the premiere to cram everything in, so you won’t want to get behind early! Because only one thing is certain with a new season of AHS — no one can predict what will happen and the theories and spoilers are going to be flying after the premiere at 10pm est!

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