Look at all the stuff and thangs they have! Photo Credit: The Walking Dead/AMC

Well let’s ignore the horrible CGI from this episode, it’s obvious the budget went to Shiva, but ignoring that fact this episode brought a number of great moments which we will cover later. The Saviors came back to the Kingdom’s meeting spot for the scheduled drop. Some tension started off as the Saviors thought the drop was light, but it wasn’t after all. Richard and his arch nemesis had another battle as Richard wants to pop their heads off and the Savior wants to mess with Richard because he can. The Savior takes Richards gun and tries to beat him some more until Morgan uses his stick to stop the fighting even more. Morgan in turn loses his staff. Upon returning Daryl sees that Morgan is apart of the trade agreements and in so many words says that Morgan sucks for going along with the deal.

Richard knows that he won’t be allowed to have guns very much longer around the Saviors and has been practicing with a bow and arrow, horribly I might add, and says he needs Daryl’s help and gives him a crossbow. It is a powerful moment where you think that Daryl is no longer neutered, it didn’t have as much of a feel as Rick with his original python but it was strong. Richard has Daryl go out on a run with him, he keeps trying to say his stance with taking the fight to the Saviors, and how Ezekiel isn’t going along for it and if the women who is staying on her own dies that Ezekiel cares for it will be the push that he needs to fight the Saviors.

We rejoin Rick and company at an unknown group. On Talking Dead the leader said they have dubbed themselves “The Heapsters” so for this review that is what we will go with. The leader says that they own Rick’s life, but Rick tries to tell them about the Saviors and how they need to fight with him and they say no. The Heapsters start to attack the group until Gabriel takes a knife and threatens to kill Tamiel a member of their top 3 and the one who originally captured Gabriel. Gabriel is able to take the floor and say what Rick’s group can do, and what The Heapsters can have if they take on the Saviors and take the Saviors things. The leader says it is time to show Rick up up up

“Up up up sucks.” Photo Credit: The Walking Dead/AMC

So they push Rick down to meet Winslow.

Winslow has plus 15 head defense with this helmet. Photo Credit: The Walking Dead/AMC

Winslow also sucks, but looks awesome. Rick hurts his hand trying to fend off Winslow. Rick tries to escape but keeps sliding down the garbage piles. Michonne yells to him to put garbage on him so Rick creates an avalanche of garbage to knock Winslow off his feet and finds a sharp object that cuts off the walkers head. Seeing what Rick can do they throw him a rope. They say that they want half of what is won in the war, and guns, enough to use to fight. Rick insists on 1/3 of what is won, along with guns, and half of what was stolen when they took Gabriel. They waited a long time for someone to take the supplies from the boat and they want something for the wait. They don’t bother they take, and since the Saviors took most of the supplies from the boat they are keeping half of what was stolen from the pantry.

Ezekiel, and Jerry and a few others go to check up on Carol again, and since she opened the door Jerry gave her cobbler. Which of course she took, and Jerry is just the best by the way. Daryl finds Carol’s house and knocks on the door shortly afterwards. You see the look on each others face as the guards drop as they embrace and kiss.


Back at the Heapsters Gabriel and Rick are talking, Gabriel says that he heard the person talk about a boat and that’s why he wrote that in the bible hoping that you would figure it out and find him. He said he almost lost faith until he saw Rick nod at him that let Gabriel know that they are together and Rick knows that Gabriel didn’t just take all the supplies and leave. Like I said on Twitter, I would go to war with Gabriel, and years ago that wasn’t an option. Rosita wants to stay out and find guns for the deal, but everyone else wants to go back to Alexandria to drop off the returned supplies and so Rick and Aaron can get patched up from injuries before going out again. Rick tells Tara that she has been out further than anyone and can at least tell people where not to look. I think that at some point Tara will give up Oceanside. I am just not sure if it will be on accident or necessity.

Daryl and Carol talk, Daryl sees that Carol needs to still find herself so he gives her some alternative facts on what is happening with Alexandria and doesn’t tell her about Glenn, Abraham and others. Daryl goes back to the Kingdom to gear up and talk with Morgan. He tells Morgan that they need the Kingdom, and Morgan says that he and Daryl are the same. Daryl says you don’t know anything about me, but he says that he knows that Daryl didn’t tell Carol the truth either because if he did she would be there with them right now. Daryl takes the crossbow and heads back to the Hilltop.

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