Slight spoilers may be talked about below, so please be sure to watch the latest episode before reading on!

“Honor if I may, can I slap the prosecution?”..

That was the singular thought that I had as I watch the tenth episode of season four, “Trial of The Flash” and getting infuriated by the prosecution, Slater accusing Barry of murdering DeVoe in almost every single damn scene. This Flash episode picks up a few weeks directly after the winter finale and alongside it a side story of a clueless new meta, Fallout who is inadvertently getting the citizens of Central City sick with radiation poisoning.

The Flash — Trial Of The Flash

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While the courthouse side of the episode was super heavy in being serious and focused on continuing the drama between the Allen’s and the DeVoes; almost devoid of any and all the light hearted humor that the series returned too at the beginning of this season after the doom and gloom of Savitar’s rampage, the Fallout side story was more of a plate cleanser of the drama focusing on Cisco, Caitlin and Harry trying to track down the clueless-yet-highly dangerous meta before it’s too late with both Cisco and Harry being the bickering allies we’ve come to loved since season two.

There was a third story as well featuring Joe and Dibby trying to go undercover to gather counter-evidence against the DeVoes which leads to a startling moral chat from Dibby to Joe before Joe went over the edge, that was very well done due to Dibby’s character finally admitting all the regret he felt for doing the wrong thing years ago.

Currently I have no problem with DeVoe being inside Dominic’s body now, still I wonder what DeVoe’s final plan is; it was hinted by his wife to Iris that they are up to something more, but what it is, we still have no clue.

However, tonight’s episode did a lot to advance the plot, yet at the same time the Fallout storyline felt like it should have been saved for a future episode where Barry isn’t at all in the episode and locked up to stress the importance of having the Flash free and ready to save the day. As it stands, it just felt like it was placed in the episode just for the remaining Team Flash to do something while the trial was happening.

Next week, I seem to get my wish if the previews are to be believed with it being entirely Flash’less with Dibby filling in as the central hero that Central City needs when the young Trickster returns. Don’t worry though, Barry is still there, he just won’t be the one to save the day this time.