Hello Hello! Welcome everyone, to the Fall Season! It is NEARLY UPON US! If this is your first time reading my works, well hello ‘specially to you! I’m Sterling Gray! Live in South Florida, I grew up in central Florida raised by two military personnel. Father was a soldier, through and through, but taught me that war in not a game, and honor is earned, not a uniform. My mother was in the medical field, Triage. Don’t ask me where they went or what they did- neither really told me, just gave vague stories. Why Glorify War? But, because of my mother, we would always had enough supplies in the house to treat a small division. Or, 3 kids out in the woods with a nack for causing troubles. I remember once, I broke my hand. Older brother + super aggressive pillow fight… it was bad. 2nd grade. I went to the fridge, grabbed a large bowl, filled it with ice, water, and grabbed an ace to wrap my hand, hid in the bathroom, sat on the floor and submerged it. Looking back, I realized even in 2nd grade, I knew ice, compress, elevation. My love for the medical field never really left. In high school, we declared our College majors when entering, and I wanted to be a Laboratory Technician (Yes, from Greg Sanders, CSI.) For 4 years, I took Anatomy and Physiology, Medical terminology, shadows doctors and other positions at the local hospital monthly. By Senior year, we spent once a month with the local fire department and went through First Responders. But, the last year of Senior year, a teacher asked us who was in it for the money, and 90% of my class raised their hands. I realized some, if not most of those in the field only saw dollar signs and not lives. So I did not go to college, though might return one day. For now, I’m living my best life, and enjoying Medical Dramas.

The Good Doctor

Source: American Broadcasting Company for The Good Doctor.

Enough about me. Let’s talk about what Monday, September 24th holds- The Meeting of The Resident and The Good Doctor. If you are not familiar with either series, ABC aired The Good Doctor last fall about a young man named Shaun Murphy, who has Autism, but is a Savant with medical knowledge. He is under the care of Mr. Glassman, and trying to prove to San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital, and the staff, he can hold is own. Last season ended with him making an error, and knowing it could cost him Glassman’s job as President, but wanted to be honest. The series tore my heart apart. And the ratings showed it drew attention- 3 out of 5 from Common Sense Media, 60% from Rotten Tomatoes and 8.4/10 from IMDB. Still, Google Users gave it an OUTSTANDING 98% liking the show. It will air September 24th at 10 pm, 9 c time on ABC, and I will be doing the reviews, same like last year.

R P.2

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On the flip-side, we have The Resident, which aired on FOX for their Spring Line Up. It follows the Resident Devon as he is taken under the wing of Conrad, and shown the honest ropes of what it means to be in American Health Industry nowadays. I graduated 2009, and so my classmates have been in the field for almost 10 years. Learning through college, shadowing, their own residency, they are the face of the industry now. And is scares me, thinking how money drove them to their position. The Resident hits that cord, because Conrad did what I could not- enter a field still hoping to save lives and fight the system from inside. I was scared I would go corrupt, so I never tried. Oddly enough, Fox felt the season was strong enough to just a season and go for Fall instead of waiting until Spring. It’s ratings were strong across the board- 58% with Rotten Tomatoes, 7.2/10 with IMDb and 54%Metacritic, with a 96%  Google user rating. It falls a few percents lower than the Resident, but it should still be considered a contender in the Medical Mondays view. Airing the same date, September 24th, but at 8 pm, 7 central, it will be interesting to see how viewer react to two strong shows on the same day. Luckily, you have different time slots with an hour break in between. I will be reviewing The Resident as well, and hope you enjoy my point of view of things.

na cover

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Still, there is a 3rd contender in the game, but airs Tuesdays, starting September 25th, at 10 pm, 9 c, New Amsterdam, and NBC will enter the Medical Mania. I will reviews the previews and talk more on each series in a separate article, but what I’ve seen, I think New Amsterdam might bridge the gap to what The Resident and The Good Doctor are missing- Dr. Max Goodwin has the position to change what is wrong in hospitals like Conrad dreams, but believes enough in humility to let people change and grow, like the Good Doctor allows. But it is a newbie with two very strong series entering their second season. How will Fall Go? No idea, but I am excited. So, until next time, stay shiny!!!