TGON went north of the border last week to Fan Expo Canada, the country’s premiere and largest convention.

Fans came out in droves to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in the heart of the city to take in all things ‘Nerd’ from movies, TV shows, video games, comics and so much more. Exhibitors from various worlds and genre’s got to show off their merchandise and put their name out there. As well some of the larger brands were there (all major gaming systems and developers) with giant displays and interactive content. Cosplay was also alive and well. We’ll have a dedicated article to everyone we managed to see soon.

The highlights of course though are getting close to the stars and we got a chance to check out some of the panels and Q&A’s the show had to offer.

Robin Lord Taylor 

One of the stars of the hit show Gotham took a break from filming the final season to come and have a chat. While he couldn’t divulge any details on the new season he did say that the team was pulling out all the stops and that this season will be the best one yet. That didn’t stop the fans though from asking probing questions like this one: ‘Will The Penguin get fat this year?’


PHOTO SOURCE: Michael Vargas

Everyone had a good chuckle and while Taylor indicated that getting fat would be unlikely he did say that they are working on bringing in more of the iconography of the character. Fans continued probing by asking if Penguin would meet any other villains this season to which Taylor couldn’t answer but he did say some interesting things would happen. Among other things Taylor had very high praise for Bruce Wayne actor David Mazouz and said that when taking on the role he initially stayed away from all the hype so as to not affect his performance. He did say if he was more fit he would have loved to play a version of  Robin.

Karen Gillan

Star of Doctor Who, Guardians/Marvel and Jumanji Karen Gillan was on hand fielding questions from multiple fandoms. Regarding what went into the character of Nebula Gillan amusingly said she’s a mix of Marilyn Monroe and Clint Eastwood. If she could be any fictional character she’d be Highlander, which got a few laughs. Since Gillan is now a budding director one of her dreams would be to direct an Avengers style film.


PHOTO SOURCE: Michael Vargas

Favorite part about being in Doctor Who and Jumanji? The laughs. Matt Smith was a riot to work with and on the set of Jumanji it was just non stop laughter as she was surrounded by three of the funniest men in Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, and Jack Black. As for who would play Gillan in a biopic she said Felicia Day but the fans shouted out some good ones like: The Rock, Matt Smith and Chris Pratt.

Evangeline Lilly

The star of Ant Man & The Wasp was on hand to promote her new children’s book: The Squickerwonkers as well as answer fans Marvel/Lost questions. Her children’s book follows the trials and tribulations of a group of marionette puppets, in particular Selma the spoiled. The books art work is gritty and sophisticated which is a welcome change from the basic drawings that other children’s books have. Her artist Rodrigo told the story of how he got to work with her. Their initial interaction was via Rodrigo sending her artwork via Facebook which she liked. Then a few months later he was working a convention in Brazil and convinced the organizers to get Lilly to attend and promote her book. From there he made his way backstage and presented his portfolio to her which she loved and the two have been working together ever since. As for what’s next, Lilly was tight lipped but hinted that an adaptation of the book is in the works and that its going to be very unique.


PHOTO SOURCE: Michael Vargas

When fielding questions Lilly revealed that she would really love to collab with Danai Gurira in an upcoming Marvel film. She also indicated that she enjoyed filming the first Ant Man since it was more relaxed. The sequel was difficult because she had a lot of action scenes and it was physically demanding. Her favorite Marvel moment? In Avengers when Scarlet Witch gets saved on the battlefield in Wakanda by Black Widow. Lilly really enjoyed this because it showed women helping women and being badass in the process.

Rose McIver

The star of iZombie took questions from a packed room that was uber enthusiastic to see her. Favorite brain? Hockey goon, fitness guru and co-dependent salsa instructor brain were among her faves. Research for the many roles wasn’t overly difficult as she had lots of help from the writing team who guided her on what exactly they were going for. Her least favorite brain was the Archie Bunker villain brain.

(FYI: as mentioned this was a packed room and we were quite far sitting in the back so the pictures we got of Rose were of poor quality)

When asked how her brain would be cooked McIver laughed and said probably in a reduction where there’s little to nothing left. Will there ever be an iZombie cookbook? She certainly hopes so but did say that some fans have already made some and even gave her copies so perhaps in the near future there might be. Weirdest merch? though not the weirdest one that stands out is a custom made Liv Lego doll complete with a morgue made out of Lego.


Thank you to the organizers and PR team of Fan Expo for hosting another great event. We’ll see you again next year!