Pay attention, ‘cause damn do I like this theory. Like many others, it came to me as soon as I watched the episode 4,722 Hours.

In the season 2 finale, Simmons got cruelly swallowed up by what we later learn is a portal to another planet, in the last few seconds. Because Joss Whedon is executive producer and his shows are mean.



But where did she go? I have a theory.

In 4,722 Hours, we see a lot more of the purplish-blue planet. Mainly, that there is a lot more nothing on the planet, but we spend more time there, at least. Before we even meet Will we know it has two moons, aggressive dust storms, and tentacle plants that try to eat you.

When Simmons does meet Will, he tells her there is something out there. It can get inside your head and make your worst nightmares come true. It can drive you crazy. It knows where you are wherever you are on the planet; it’s connected to the planet. Because this planet doesn’t have rules, it has moods.

But a living planet? In the Marvel universe?

Why, that’s unheard of!

Ego the Living Planet is a cosmic villain that first popped up about four years into Thor’s original comic run. He is one of the strangest characters in the Marvel universe, and has squared off against just about every intergalactic travelling character, including Rom the Spaceknight, the Fantastic Four, Blink, Beta Ray Bill, and even my personal favorite hero; Nova.



Lets compare some of what we know about the alien planet to what we know about Ego.

“This whole godforsaken planet is evil… This planet does not have rules – it has moods.”

This is pretty self-explanatory when you are making a case for the planet being alive – something Will is convinced of.

“The geologist who came with us had this theory that this planet used to be a paradise -Garden of Eden.”

Ego can control his surface on a molecular level – he can make it look like a paradise or a barren wasteland; whichever suits his needs. The geologist probably found some evidence to suggest that the planet used be hospitable, which very well may be a hint.

“Unfortunately, the only source of food also thinks I’m food.”

A tentacle-like plant attacks Simmons, which she cooks and eats. Ego is capable of extruding both tentacles and plants and control them at his will. Oh, and he eats people.

“It has this way of getting inside your head and just making you crazy.”

In Ego’s very first appearance, he exhibits various psychic abilities, such as reading Thor’s mind.

“It’s a natural source of heat. Keeps the planet warm without sunlight.”

Ego has a giant brain or brain-like structure at his core. It exudes heat and he uses it to raise his internal temperature.

“There’s a luminescent substrata below us.”

Like the alien planet, Ego is full of large tunnel-like caves. These essentially serve as his arteries.

“You said it was 30 meters wide! There’s no way we can cross that.”

Ego is capable of completely restructuring his landscape – and as the name “Ego” may suggest, he takes pride in his abilities and hates being thwarted.

“Will! They came for you! It wasn’t Fitz! It’s one of yours!”

Not only is Ego able to psychologically mess with people, it is able to create detailed humanoids as “antibodies” to ward off intruders or lure them into traps.

“It smells blood.”

No matter where you are on the planet. Interesting.

“The moons – Their degree of alignment affects the portal the way our moon affects the tides, causing it to ebb and flow, pulling things in and out.”

Much like the alien planet, Ego has two moons (among other satellites), one of which is much larger than the other.

All of this, paired with the hue of Ego and even the fact that he had a prominent fight with the Kree (who supposedly made the Monolith) make Ego a likely candidate for the alien planet. Do I think that a giant planet with a face is going to come to Earth, seeking angry revenge on Jemma Simmons? That’s an Avengers-level threat, so it’s not likely. (Wouldn’t it be cool, though?)



I personally firmly believe that it is Ego. Even if it’s never referred to by name, or if they never quite solve the mystery of the planet in the show, I think it’s a great Easter egg for comic readers (and a very creative and applause-worthy way of handling what should have been the dumbest character never introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe).

The evidence just all adds up. It just…

It just fits.