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Count Olaf – Evil, but also a Sassy Queen

Now, we all know that the scheming villain Count Olaf – portrayed by Neil Patrick Harris in Netflix’s “A Series of Unfortunate Events” – is an evil-minded, considerably crazy, perhaps not-so-talented actor. But can we take a moment (or several) to appreciate how much of a sassy, overly-confident theatre nerd he is? I mean, just look at his theme song.

Not to mention the countless disguises…

Captain Sham...lover of large lakes.
Photo source: Netflix
Work it, girl.
Photo source: Netflix
Stefano - total science geek, minus the scientific knowledge.
Photo source: Netflix

Or even just the over-done everyday expressions, like this…

Oh, so sad.
Photo source: Netflix

Let’s face it, this character totally speaks to the inner drama queens and theatre nerds in all of us. Hey, you might as well live life with a dramatic flair, right?

GIF source: Tumblr

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