Recently, The Game of Nerds ranked all the mainline Mario Party games as we tried to contain our excitement for October’s release of Super Mario Party. During Nintendo’s E3 2018 presentation, we got a detailed look into what the game would look like and we’re excited to see the series head back to a more traditional Mario Party experience (thank Goomba!). 

With less than two months until the game’s release, fans of the longtime series are grasping for more information, and the Nintendo gods have blessed us with a new video showcasing a group of (impossibly cool) millennials playing the new River Survival Mode featured in Super Mario Party. 

In the new mode, players team up in a raft and work together to avoid various perils (whirlpools, rocks, tree branches, etc.) while steering into balloons to engage in minigames and trying to beat the clock. By winning the minigames, time is added to the countdown; ensuring you make it to the end. It looks like a combination of silly madness and you’re-paddling-the-wrong-way arguments waiting to happen – and we can’t wait! 

The 10-minute video showcases a plethora of minigames while also highlighting just how beautiful this is. Though it didn’t go into more detail about how the multi-Switch mode will work or some of the more traditional aspects, it does make us even more excited to get on (the) board when Super Mario Party arrives October 5, 2018. 

Do you look forward to trying the new River Survival Mode?