Star Fox 64 isn’t just a classic for its action-packed gameplay and the liberation of flying through space. It also has a host of memorable lines from pilots all across the Lylat System. Some are cool, some are corny. They can come from the stars of the show as much as a one-off planet boss. The recollection of these lines activates a perfect callback to the actor’s voice, ringing up sound effects of bogey’s rollicking metal under the pew-pew laser fire of an Arwing, materializing with it a visual memory of the scene. Here’s a look at some of Star Fox 64’s most memorable lines. Also, you can write an essay on your favorite movies at Essay Examiner website that review essay.

Do a barrel roll!
I had to get this one out of the way.

Who are you guys?”
We’re Star Fox!
My god, this was corny even when I was a kid. After defeating the Attack Carrier, the Arwings sail out of the blast zone while the alligator roars a final curse:
You’ll never defeat Andross!

Enemy shield analyzed.
A guarantee from Slippy when he’s in commission for a boss battle, and among his few deliveries we didn’t hate. Looking back, the voice acting wasn’t bad, but its feminine pitch led to years-long confusion as to whether Slippy was a boy or a girl. What can I say, Lyssa Browne was better with Katt. And speaking of…

We’re closing in on them, Falco.
Katt enters the fray with this quip on the polluted ocean base of Zoness.

Location confirmed. Sending supplies.”
Thanks for the laser/bomb/health, ROB.

Hey, Einstein! I’m in your side!
Falco informing you that you are not a scientific genius.

Cocky little freaks!
A true classic from the rarin’ and rangin’ Shogun Warlord.

Can’t let you do that, Star Fox!
Who is that, gleaming in from under Fichina’s sun? The debut of Star Fox’s rivals was THE moment for many players. Descending like a dark claw from space came Wolf O’Donnell’s aircraft, his teammates fanning behind in formation. Heck, let’s give the rest of their opening lines.
Andross has ordered us to take you down.
Peppy! Long time no see!
Andross’s enemy is my enemy!”

Not yet. The party’s just begun!
I never knew what Leon referred to when he said “Not yet.” Even so, the vile collected manner in which he said this gleeful line has always been a favorite.

Shoot! He’s right behind me.
Falco’s alert that he’s being tailed.

Take care of the guy behind me, Fox!
And Peppy’s.

Use bombs wisely.
Peppy Hare: half father figure, half nagging killjoy.

Katt, where’d you go?
Falco and Katt have a background together, making them two of the more dimensional characters in the franchise. Falco’s wondering where she went may just hint that he wants her around.

Honestly, anything Bill says.
Fox! You made it.
Enemy mothership approaching.”
The hatches are open!
Try shooting the bad guys, Fox.
Hey! See if I help you again!
The hatches are open!
The hatches are open!
The hatches are open!”…

Never give up. Trust your instincts.
Peppy quotes these words of inspiration throughout the Lylat Wars, but it is also muttered by former leader James McCloud in a time of need. I wonder who said it first?

Now it’s our turn to kick some tail!
Falco’s eager war cry when the tables are turned.

Who took this base out?
More remembered because the last word cut off, making Falco say, “Who took this base?”

Star Wolf’s return at Venom, cutting you off right before you enter the tunnel to Andross.
Don’t get too cocky, Star Fox!
Let’s see how you handle our new ships!”
Too bad Dad’s not here to see ya FAIL!
You’ll be sorry you crossed us!

Speaking of Star Wolf, can we consider the squealing annoyance of Pigma and how he likes to use his previous ties to Star Fox to taunt his former team? He tries to be more torturous than Leon.
Daddy screamed REAL good before he died!
I’ll do you fast, Peppy old pal.
That reward’s as good as mine!
[after shooting him down on Fichina] “My beautiful reward! Arrrgh!

Annoying bird. I am the great Leon!
Says who? An iconic line from Lylat’s most glorious lizard.

This can’t be happening!
Yeah, sorry, Leon. As awesome as you are, you and your entire team have always been afflicted with Gary Oak Syndrome: you all boast about how you’re so much better than Star Fox even while they’re kicking your ass.

The transmissions between Caiman and the Commander in Area 6.
The last line has been breached!
These guys are crazy! Dang! DEPLOY IT NOW!!!

I didn’t expect to have to use this. You’re very lucky.
The Macbeth conductor had a very memorable gruff performance. Having him transform inside a mech suit attached to the forever train made for a great ground-to-air boss battle.

Jeez laweez! What is that?
It appears to be a corny, K-rated space comic-style videogame line printed onto the script.

If I go down I’m taking you with me!
Wow, I guess Andross is a sore loser.

That was a blast through the past. Now I’m even more excited about getting another N64 someday. Were there any quotes you know shouldn’t have been missed? Comment them below to add to the gallery. Happy flying, everyone, and may your time in space be great…for Corneria, or against.