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Coco, another activist at Winchester helped consult a student with social issues concerning black people. Coco refers to herself as the white whisper because her Caucasian peers come to her and ask for advice when it comes to black social encounters. I personally think that the student diversity group is a great way to keep peace amongst students. The student organization CORE has run successfully to form a unity that can continue for years to come. I love the idea of these student organization groups because they give students a voice and a way to express themselves without violence. It’s a great way to extinguish conflict and delete any detections of offense. I believe that asking questions is the best way to understand others cultural backgrounds.

The only thing I don’t really agree within the social environment at Winchester is the fact that some students of Caucasian descent are seen as people that have to walk on eggshells because they don’t want to offend anybody of color. Dear white people were created to address social issues that black people. The host express there experiences and expectations of white people. Just like other races there can be things that we can say or do that can offend them, but we should all have social boundaries that shouldn’t be crossed. Dear white people created social boundaries and raised awareness but it has also made students feel like they can approach black people like they aren’t like the rest of them.

Coco is super awake when she finds out that she is with child by her boyfriend Troy. Her bisexual roommate has become her biggest support at the moment. Breaking the news to troy wasn’t easy for Troy is still a kid in a man’s body. On top of the college life, Troy has maintained a player profile from sleeping with different girls at the university. When coco slapped him and told him to get himself together. Everything was so unexpected, so her reaction to her pregnancy was so sorrel. She thought about dropping out of Winchester to raise the baby, but her mind quickly changed after she seen the future of her child.