Exciting news Arrowverse fans! The CW has announced that both Superman and Lois Lane will be featured in all 3 episodes of this year’s looming crossover. While Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman has made a few appearances here and there on Supergirl, we’ve not yet had the chance to meet Clark’s significant other. Casting is currently underway for the role.


(Tyler Hoechlin as Clark Kent/Superman: Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly)

With the inclusion of Superman in this year’s CW crossover it looks like we are finally going to get the chance to see our favorite heroes such as the Flash, Supergirl and Green Arrow interact with the Man of Steel. While it was announced in May (you can find that article here) that the Arrowverse would feature Batwoman in the crossover, we finally know that Ruby Rose (Orange is the New Black, John Wick: Chapter 2) will portray the role of Kate Kane/Batwoman in the crossover/possible spin-off.


(Courtesy of the CW)

The CW has also announced the air dates for the crossover with the Flash airing first on Sunday, December 9th (8/7c), Arrow on Monday, December 10th (8/7c) and Supergirl (switching with the Flash) Tuesday, December 11th (8/7c).