Nature and wildlife are topics that have been touched on in the Bob’s Burgers series a few times and season nine episode seventeen, “What About Blob?”, will be added to that short list. Fans can also look forward to another appearance from Sasha Whiteman.

Bobs Burgers (What About Blob 2)

Photo Source: FOX – Bob’s Burgers

Before delving into the Belcher children’s antics, let us talk about the struggle Bob and Linda went through with Trev. Trev, also known as Jimmy Pesto’s sidekick, is left alone to manage the restaurant while Pesto is away. During this time, Trev begins to question their relationship and starts to involve himself more with the couple across the street. His addition to the episode was a nice change as he is often forgotten or downplayed, with few lines. If our memory of the series serves us correctly, this is probably one of the few episodes where fans got to see this characters development.

The reason I say development is because by the end of the episode, Trev did not high five Pesto’s jab at Bob. This is a major milestone as this duos high fiving is almost iconic when these two are thought of  together. Whether this change is permanent or will be brought up in future episodes is something audiences will have to be on the look out for.

Bobs Burgers (What About Blob 3)

Photo Source: FOX – Bob’s Burgers

With the adults story told, we move onto the children. Gene has always been a unique character so it is no surprise that people begin to find his latest musical outlet a little annoying. Although we were shocked to learn that he genuinely enjoys eating discounted oysters (he just didn’t seem the type to be interested in the food so fun new fact). He soon finds himself gazing upon a beautiful luminescent patch of plankton. By night it emits a breath taking glow when experiencing movement but by day it appears as a green patch on the bay.

Gene feels a sort on kinship towards the plankton so when he hears of it impending bleaching in preparation of the yacht club regatta, he decides to act. Here is where Sasha Whiteman makes his appearance. Sasha agrees to help mainly because he wants to embarrass the rival yacht club but eventually wants to help the plankton. The kids create a plan to try and save the plankton but it heads south. In a random twist they discover a way to push the plankton away from the regatta and into the sea. This victory is short lived as the patch of plankton get devoured by a school of fish. People who watched the episode can feel torn on whether this is a positive thing or not. On one hand they minimized the effects of human activity on the organisms but some may feel it was all pointless do to the plankton’s demise. We thought it was a spectacular example on the circle of life, while not everything prospers, its contribution makes a big difference on the ecosystem that allows us to enjoy life (hence why conservation is important).

Thank you for reading and please be sure to leave a like and comment below with your opinions/ theories. This episode made a few good points and asked a few interesting questions so it proved to be a simple yet engaging installment. We also want to mention that this episode’s end sequence was probably one of the most entertaining and visually pleasing in the series to date.